Marist’s Intramural Athletes Take the Field

As the saying, “once an athlete, always an athlete” goes, it seems that at Marist College it is taken quite seriously. Known for its Division I sports, athletes are constantly practicing and making sure they are focused for big games. But what about the athletes who continue to represent the school that don’t wear the Marist logo on their jersey ? Continue reading


Newly renovated Office of Accommodations and Accessibility offers aid to physically disabled


The newly renovated Office of Accommodations and Accessibility. Photo by Andrew Auger

In coordination with Marist College’s celebration of Disability Awareness Week, the newly renovated Office of Accommodations and Accessibility officially opened its doors for the first time this past Thursday. The opening follows a week of lectures and hands-on demonstrations meant to educate the campus on physical and learning disabilities.

“The goal of this week was to not only get people familiar with our offices, but to see if we could put them in the shoes of someone with a disability and help them understand what that person goes through,” said Assistant Dean of Student Life and Development Patricia Cordner.

Formerly known as Special Services, the workplace makeover in Donnelly Hall gives the program a new exterior look. The accommodating functionality of the office towards people with physical disabilities, however, is nothing new.

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Outside the bubble (October 17-23)

In news this week, Trump and Clinton faced off in their 3rd and final presidential debate, the Giants and Rams fly to London for week 7,  Europe sends a probe to mars, Japan has a 6.2 magnitude earthquake, ISIS uses humans as shields as they enclose on Mosul, AT&T strikes a huge deal with Time Warner Inc., and Trump plans to sue the women who accused him of sexual assault.

Take a look:


Photo courtesy of KITV

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A student made poster for MCCTA in the Nelly Goletti Theatre. Original Photo by Dylan Gordon

MCCTA: A driving force on campus

At Marist College, there are a great many clubs, 95 to be exact, that students participate in on a daily basis. Whether this be to receive those precious Priority Points to get good housing or simply for the love of the ideals presented in the club, it is clear to see that the Marist community feels that student clubs and organizations are an important part of college life. Of all the clubs on campus, however, one organization praises itself as the club with the most active membership of them all.

This club is the Marist College Club of the Theater Arts, or as it is most commonly known, MCCTA. Why is this organization such a force on campus you may ask? Well, a look into the club’s past and how it has evolved is the first step to answering this question. Continue reading

Interning: Poughkeepsie Versus NYC

After college applications the next most competitive aspect of college has to be applying for internships. Near or far, the process of filling out applications, hoping for a response, landing an interview and then getting the position is something college students have become all come too familiar with.

But for Marist College students finding an internship in Manhattan is not always the biggest challenge. Rather, managing the time and finances to make the commute during the school year can be the biggest challenge for a majority of students as it is much harder than it initially seems.

For anyone in Poughkeepsie going to New York City for work or internships the commute is a common one, considering all the opportunities available in such a large city. Unfortunately some college students do not have the time to travel to the city in order to attend an internship, which makes it all the more important to research whether or not Poughkeepsie offers any interning opportunities. Continue reading


Marist Poll during an election year and non election year

The Marist Poll is known as one the more recognized polls in the country, and is gaining more attention now more than ever with the election just around the corner.

The media partners associated with the poll, NBC News and Wall Street Journal, give information to the poll through their own polls.

“We like being partnered with these news outlets because it helps get the Marist name out there and releasing the data that our interviewers pick up off of calls,” Assistant Director of the Survey Center, Mike Conte said.

Conte is a supervisor of the coaches and interviewers at Marist Poll. He also helps decide which interviewers get promoted to coaches. What they do is oversee the interviewers to make sure that the calls are going smoothly and running appropriately.

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Attending Marist with a sibling: A comparison from each side of the bond

Driving through those gates that read “Marist College,” passing by Tenney Stadium, continuing up through campus behind the library, then swinging all the way down by admissions to see that breathtaking Hudson River view, is quite a settling experience. Marist College is a school with not just a beautiful campus in the Hudson Valley, but a community with a huge alumni network and somewhere many families have a legacy. Every year the school grows it changes in structure, creates new curriculums, and provides new opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students. What doesn’t seem to change, however, is the large population of siblings that are enrolled at Marist either at the same time, or after another member of the family has left. Because of how many siblings go to Marist during some of the same years, it’s interesting to understand why this is such a common desire at Marist, and how those actually feel about being together in a college environment.

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Marist Student-Athletes vs. Communication Internships

NCAA athletes have to a great deal on their plate when it comes to commitment whether it’s with their schoolwork, practices, competition or other extra-curricular activities. To add an internship into the mix can cause significant stress and an exhausting amount of time management. After reaching out to some Marist athletes it became clear that competing on a NCAA Division I team while balancing an internship and coursework was not in any means an easy feat. Continue reading


Hidden Gem: Kevin McCurdy’s Haunted Mansion

Last week, student reporter Maddie Garcia published a piece on The Red Fox Report about one of the actresses working at the Headless Horseman Haunted House attraction in Ulster, NY.

That attraction is listed as the top haunted house experience in the country by several major publications, but its almost $50 price tag and location over of the Mid-Hudson Bridge make it a bit of an investment of time and money for Marist students. For a cheaper and closer but still spooky alternative, look no further than Kevin McCurdy’s Haunted Mansion.

Located south on Route 9 in Wappinger Falls, McCurdy’s has been a seasonal attraction in the Hudson Valley area for exactly 40 years. The ghoulish experience is designed by ImaginArts Studios, the company behind intricately designed activities such as the Guinness World Records Museum in San Antonio, TX. ImaginArts works with Dutchess County Parks to get the attraction up and running every year. Continue reading

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Local coffeeshops offer a unique experience you can’t find at Starbucks

Whether you are tired of Starbucks’ Pike roast, experiencing cabin fever studying in the library or just seeking a more hipster-esque space to lounge in, there are some cool local coffee shops worth checking out. Independent coffee shops like Cafeteria and The Crafted Cup offer a rich brew and a certain ambience that is hard to find at a generic coffeeshop chain. Although both places are overseen by the same owners, each offer a friendly, unique atmosphere of it’s own. Continue reading