Why McCann can’t seem to get a full house


courtesy of Amanda Bradley

For the first time in a long time McCann was packed to the brim with enthusiastic and eager attendees. Crowds of students, faculty members, and Hudson Valley locals gathered onto the rolling hills of the arena parking lot hours before the event was set to take place. The turnout was so immense some people feared school officials would turn them away because there would be no room for them in the tightly packed gym. Although to many outsiders this might have looked like a normal occurrence for a school with Division I sports teams, for the vast majority of attendees this was not a typical night. Bernie Sanders was set to grace a small stage on Marist’s campus before facing off with Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary, and everybody who’s anybody showed up to the campus patiently waiting to witness history as it was about to unfold.

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Did the polls and data journalists get it wrong?


On Wednesday, November 2nd, the Chicago Cubs proved that anyone can come back and win on the world’s biggest stage. That following Tuesday, November 8th, Donald Trump did what was also thought to be impossible, by becoming the 45th president of the United States.

As election day got closer and closer, the media, and therefore the public, depended more and more on polling predictions and data visualization, often using digital savvy maps and charts to illustrate the many winning paths Hillary Clinton had, and the many obstacles Trump would have to face. It was safe to say that there was an overwhelming consensus amongst pollsters and data journalists that Hillary Clinton would emerge victorious Tuesday night.However, what was supposed to be a relatively early election night, ended up being a late night apocalypse, leaving people across the country wondering, how the hell did this happen? Continue reading

Five reasons why you should use GrubHub

Have you ever just felt so stressed about a test the next day that you just want to relieve that tension with some restaurant-style pizzas or cheeseburgers without leaving campus? That is where GrubHub has got you covered, GrubHub is an online and mobile food-ordering company that connects its users with restaurants in their local areas. According to The Wall Street Journal the company went public in April 2014 and has achieved an increasing profit by charging restaurants a commission on order booked through its service. People in the Marist community were asked if they ever used GrubHub and many replied that they hadn’t really ever used the service. If you’re part of the Marist student body or faculty and searching for other alternatives from Sodexo food here are some reasons GrubHub is the right choice.

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Spilling the beans: Secret menus close to marist

Nursery rhymes don’t necessarily need to be for kids. Secrets being shared with everyone absolutely still applies today, and while I might not be uncovering any government conspiracies, I have the next best thing; food. Food is one of those things that is mutually understood in any friendship or relationship, but can also cause and solve problems. Food is also typically better when there is a solid variety to choose from. This is what makes “secret menus” at restaurants so fascinating. Not only do people love getting the inside scoop, they love food too.

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The hidden life of a design student

A lot of people think fashion design is easy, but little do people know the amount of sleepless nights these students have. Jenna Dickinson, senior design student, said “I slept in my car in McCann one-time last year because I was scared to drive home without having slept for almost 6 days.” The commitment these students make often interferes with their college social life, but the outcome they are getting with the Fashion Design Program at Marist is preparing them well for their future as designers.

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Marist Hockey: Why Marist?

There are a lot of reasons to choose Marist College for your education, but why for Hockey?

The hockey team is full of players majoring in all different subjects and areas, but they all have one thing in common and that is playing the game they love.

“We all get along very well. We are a family at the end of the day no matter what obstacles get thrown at us,” said junior Vincent Masters.

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Non-citizen Marist students fear President Elect Donald Trump

The 2016 Presidential election has been the main topic across the United States since Donald Trump was named our President Elect. Trump has promised his supporters many things over the past year during his campaigning but one of his more fearful plans is to deport two to three million undocumented immigrants. Although Trump has promised to keep his efforts to undocumented immigrants convicted of crimes, his deportation numbers are still far above reputable estimates of these criminals.

All around the country it has become a real fear for undocumented immigrants that friends, students and family members will be deported once Trumps plans fall into place during his candidacy. Sophomore at Marist College David Cantu, is originally from Venezuela and has been dealing with these deportation fears since Trump was elected.

“It’s scary. I’ve been in this country for over ten years and it is hard to listen to Trump speak about deporting immigrants and not be able to do anything about it.”

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Marist College has its second art exhibition at the art gallery

Marist College’s Art Gallery hosted their second gallery exhibition on Thursday November 10th. This sculpture show exhibited the artwork of two faculty members, Ed Smith and Donise English, alongside Italian artist Bruno Liberatore. Students, Faculty, and Poughkeepsie locals attended the exhibition to enjoy the artwork and show their support. Much of the artwork was based on sculptures and statues, ranging from abstract shapes to more defined visuals, such as busts and torsos.

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A look at people we see everyday

Attending a private liberal arts college, it’s easy to think we know everyone we go to school with. However, as Gabriella Gamba, an editor of The Circle at Marist College, mentioned, “When it comes down to it, everyone is confined to their own friend groups. We thought if we could highlight all those people we don’t know, it would give [everyone] a new perspective.” Alongside sophomores, Adler Papiernik and Kerry Tiedemann, Gamba launched the Instagram account known as Marist Stories.

Inspired after the original Humans of New York, and later the capping project that became a Facebook page, Humans of Marist College; Gamba, had been talking about restarting something like this at Marist for months with her Circle colleague, Bernadette Hogan. As she pitched the idea to Papiernik and Tiedemann, “[the three of us] just spearheaded it,” she mentioned. Trying to get students to have a better understanding of the culture around campus, Gamba, Papiernik, and Tiedemann began walking around campus acquiring content and developing ideas.

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Before the “Marist Tree” can glow on Instagram, Marist grounds crew work to light it up

The wind rages at roughly 15 mph outside of Marist College’s chapel on a Friday afternoon. Timoteo Perez, a middle-aged Hispanic man, is slowly elevating himself on a mechanical lift to about midway on the school’s massive holiday tree. He grabs each branch individually, wrapping each one with a line of lights.

“I’m usually higher on the tree at this point during the day, but it’s only me today and the boss told me not to go any higher than halfway,” says Perez.

Along with his co-worker Aurelio Tapia (who called out sick on this day), Perez has been working on this tree for the past seven years. Every December, the tree radiates throughout the campus, signaling the end of the fall semester and the beginning of the holiday season for the community.

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