Neil Simon Classics are Coming to Marist College this Fall

Poughkeepsie, New York– Marist College Club of Theater Arts (MCCTA) will be entertaining audiences with two back to back Neil Simon plays on the Nelly Goletti stage this coming fall. Jim Steinmeyer has been in charge of directing the fall mainstage plays at Marist College for the past nine years. This year, however, Matt Andrews, associate professor of English/Theatre, will also be sharing the limelight with Steinmeyer as a director.

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Storm Crosssed Couple Detail Harvey Reaction

POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y. – Amidst today’s heated political climate lies a more tumultuous, literal climate. The coinciding of several hurricanes- Harvey and Irma- has left a wake of devastation, displacing tens of thousands in the greater Texas and Florida areas.

“My grandma lives in Corpus [Christi], but she moved to Mexico while all of this was happening,” said Sarah Santiago. “The only things she lost were stock pictures she had of my grandpa.”

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The name behind the building

Many students roam the Marist campus going from class to class without thinking to him or her self, “who the heck is Donnelly, Fontaine, or Hancock.” This article is in dedication to those great philanthropists and leaders whose names are on the buildings of our beautiful home at Marist College.

To learn about the process of naming a building, I spoke with Chris DelGiorno, Vice President of College Advancement. DelGiorno explained that in order to have a building in your name, you either have to be a really important person to the college or a philanthropist who makes a substantial gift to the college. Buildings like Dyson, Hancock and Lowell Thomas were in honor of generous donors. Fontaine, Donnelly and the Murray Student Center were named after important people in Marist history. The college promotes substantial donations for this though conversations with the board of trustees.

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The Hudson Valley’s Best Kept Secret: The Matchbox Cafe

There is nothing better than your mother’s home cooked food, and that is something a lot of Marist College students miss when they are at school. Home cooked meals are hard to come by when we are surrounded with nothing but cafeteria food options. The cafeteria is a great place to get quick, and easy meals, but if you want to change up your diet and indulge in some good comfort food then you’ll find yourself right at home at the Matchbox Café.

food3The Matchbox Café is a great option when it comes to finding delicious tasting and comforting food. The red sign on the building reads “Comfort food and Cookies” and that is certainly what they serve up in the little stone cottage that sits on the side of Route 9.

Do you find yourself craving authentic fried chicken, or breakfast at any time of the day? There are plenty of diners that offer the same types of food, but the Matchbox Café offers fresh, never frozen or reheated meals for their customers. On the back of their menu the owners Sam and Joann Cohen explain, “every meal served is house made. We don’t have a freezer or a microwave for cooking. Our meat products are all grilled to order on a flame broiler, not a greasy griddle.”

On the menu they mention items that are meant for sharing, and those that take a little bit more time to prepare. An impatient customer asked why his food was taking so long to prepare, but co-owner Joanne Cohen replied with a calm, “good food takes time”, and she was right. As soon as the waiting customer got his meal he was all smiles! Continue reading