As the Advising Period Begins, Class Registration Looms


A long month of planning, decision making  and anxiety, will ultimately lead to frustration amongst Marist College students, once again.

This week, students will begin meeting with their academic advisers to talk about course selections, in preparation for the Spring 2014 class registration period; a period of the semester, which students dread more than anything.

Although course selections do not take place until November 6th, registration has increasingly become a topic of conversation across campus.  Every year, students get all worked up, and continuously ask themselves the same questions:

What if I don’t get into this class, what am I going to do? Or, what happens if there are only 8 AM classes left and I don’t want to wake up that early? Or, what if I am required to this class, but I looked on and the reviews were horrible? What do I do then?

Who knew that something, which seems so simple and easy, could become so stressful and taxing.  Continue reading