Local coffeeshops offer a unique experience you can’t find at Starbucks

Whether you are tired of Starbucks’ Pike roast, experiencing cabin fever studying in the library or just seeking a more hipster-esque space to lounge in, there are some cool local coffee shops worth checking out. Independent coffee shops like Cafeteria and The Crafted Cup offer a rich brew and a certain ambience that is hard to find at a generic coffeeshop chain. Although both places are overseen by the same owners, each offer a friendly, unique atmosphere of it’s own. Continue reading


Which capping course at Marist is the most stressful and difficult?


The capping course at Marist College is where students put together all that they have learned in their previous classes. This class is required to graduate and can take a serious toll on students throughout the school.

Whether it’s writing a 25 page paper for communications or 100 pages in business, students still have other classes on their plate along with this intimidating course. Each student handles capping in their own way. However, some students believe that they are worse off than others. Who really does have the most demanding course? Continue reading

Marist College Student Center lounge quiet and empty despite upcoming finals week

One lone student sits among the whirring noise of the fans from the Student Center lounge’s heating system and the entire room looks like it’s going to be deserted all night.

Despite upcoming deadlines for final projects, exams and last-minute assignments, few students seem to be using the excellent study space in the well-lit basement area. The dance studio adjacent to the main area is dark illustrating that club activities are coming to end, if they have not stopped already, while only two groups are making use of the meeting rooms on this particularly bitter and chilly night.

“Right now I’m going over some sight-singing,” freshman John Royak said. Royak is also studying for a class final in his Music class tomorrow, a class he’s taking to fulfill his core requirement for Fine Arts.

“I’m a singer so I wanted to learn more about the different keys and majors,” Royak explained as he pointed at his sight-singing handouts, “I wanted to take the class so I could sing and understand what I’m singing.”

Freshman John Royak has the entire main lounge area to himself as he studies for his Music class final.

The two televisions on the walls display two different channels with muted sound, on one New Channel 4 anchor Janice Huff talks about the upcoming evening forecast while predicting the rest of the week’s weather. With empty couches, empty chairs and even empty chess tables it raises the question: is the lounge always this empty?

College Activities employee, Sophomore Kristie Licursi, went on the clock at 4 p.m. today and indicated that the lounge will get busy.

“I was here yesterday and now I’m here today,” Licursi explained, “A lot of students use the lounge and meeting rooms, and I see a lot of them come in and out. I think a lot of them are using the space for capping.”

When asked the average amount of students Licursi has seen using the lounge she responded, “Today maybe fifteen but maybe more.”

Until the rush later tonight though, Royak has the entire lounge to himself to study for his final. And right now it seems like he’s got the prime spot.