Vandalism terminates “Green Goats” initiative at Marist

Gone for good.

A three-year operation to control vegetation at Marist College’s nature preserve via the hankering, non-selective appetites of six local goats has decidedly concluded following vandalism perpetrations this past July and August.

“The goats are not safe here,” said Dr. Richard Feldman, a Marist Associate Professor of Environmental Science and coordinator of Green Goats’ contract with the school.

In summer months, six goats cumulative eight-week stay at the nature preserve, half in July and then again in August, was marked by their intentional release not once- but three times. Unidentified vandals tampered with the electric fence, in place to confine the animals to one acre within the 12-acre Fern Tor Nature Preserve north of Gartland housing. “The fence was lifted at least once and then finally the fence was cut; that was the final straw,” Dr. Feldman said, “With Route 9 to the east and the railroad tracks to the west, it’s just too hazardous to have the goats running loose.”

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Science majors spend more time in Donnelly than home

With finals creeping up, it’s no question that students all around campus are going crazy trying to prepare. With the library always packed during this time of year when students finally realize it’s crunch time, you’ll find them in other locations. For science majors, however, the workload is nothing they aren’t used to.

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Weekly Recap: Seven News Stories You Should Know About

This week was an intense  stretch for American politics that saw turmoil all throughout the nation’s capital. The U.S. government has been active in both domestic and foreign affairs, while the mayhem continues to grow in the Middle East.

1. Shutdown

At 12:01 a.m. on October 1, the United States government officially shut down due to congress’s inability to pass a spending bill to fund the government. Opposing political parties in the Senate and House of Representatives failed to come to terms on a new budget by the start of the new fiscal year.

House Republicans demanded the bill include anti-Obamacare amendments, something Senate Democrats refused.

2. Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine was awarded to two Americans and one German-American for their discoveries of the machine that determines when and where the body’s cells should deliver the molecules they produce.

Their work could be used to further research in epilepsy, diabetes and other metabolism deficiencies.

3. Strikes on Terror

The United States military attacked two high value targets in two raids nearly 3,000 miles apart. In the first raid, U.S military forces seized Abu Anas al Libi in the Libyan capitol of Tripoli. Al Libi is one al-Qaeda leader key in the 1998 bombings of two U.S. embassies in Africa. The second attack occurred in southern Somalia, when U.S. Navy Seals went after an Al-Shabaab commander, the group involved in last months siege of a Narobi mall. The result of the second strike is still unconfirmed.

4. Biker Gang Attack

A group of angered bikers chased and attacked a father who was transporting his family on New York City’s West Side Highway. After the man appeared to bump a biker in his SUV, the gang swarmed the vehicle, causing the driver to speed through the crowd in defense. The bikers followed the van on a high speed chase before cornering it, bashing its window, and dragging the driver from the car before beating him.

Most of the incident was captured on video.

NYPD investigations have led to numerous arrests.

5.Bloodshed In Iraq

Recent terror strikes throughout Iraq have killed scores of people, including women and children, causing increased turmoil and tension throughout the region.

Attacks occur daily, killing indiscriminately in Iraq’s deadliest string of attacks since 2008, with attacks even occurring today.

6. Clashes Continue In Egypt

After a blood-filled summer that saw over 500 protesters killed at the hands of their newly appointed government, it seems the violence may not be ending anytime soon.

7.Raceway Catastrophes

A Mexican monster truck drove into the stands, killing at least 12 people and hurting dozens of others. The truck was performing at a show when it hit a bump and drove directly into a crowd of people.

A massive wreck left three-time Indianapolis 500 winner Dario Franchitti and 13 spectators injured at Sunday’s Grand Prix of Houston.