Marist tailgates: support for the football team or solely a social aspect?

You may have noticed recently that on a Saturday afternoon, when the Marist College football team has a home game, the McCann parking lot has been packed with students. In fact, USA Today ranked Marist College as one of the top ten best small schools with big tailgating traditions.

On the outside, Marist College tailgates have all the ingredients of a successful tailgate: hundreds of Marist students sporting their school colors in the parking lot, people cooking delicious food on the grill, and of course, endless rounds of Beer Pong. There is only one thing missing… school spirit toward our sports teams.

Let’s face it. Many students go to the tailgates on Saturdays for the social aspect, not because they are excited to watch the game that follows. In fact, some students have admitted that they have attended tailgates in the past without even knowing what team Marist is playing; and sometimes, without any intention of going to the game at all.

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