Business majors struggle with the hardest professor on campus


Fighting through a semester with a hard professor is a right of passage in college.

Often before meeting a difficult professor, anxious students depend on RatemyProfessor’s 1 to 5 rating scale and other student’s comments to set the precedent for the class.

But you don’t need RatemyProfessor to find a brutally honest opinion about Zu-Hsu Lee, or who business majors better know as Professor Jason Lee. In fact, many of his students were in utter disbelief, and even took issue with the validity of his ratings, “There is no way this many students have had a positive experience in his class. He must have written these reviews himself.” said senior business major Harrison Felman.

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5 tips to surviving registration week

Second semester of Sophomore Quincy Brown’s first year at Marist College was made especially stressful when he learned that he would not be taking a class that he needed in order to graduate on time. He woke up the morning of class registration day only to find that the course he had been preparing to take the following semester, Intro to Law, had already filled. “I didn’t know what to do. I physically started shaking while searching for another class to take,” said Quincy Brown. “I ended up having to settle for a class I didn’t want to take and it really set me back.”

It’s no secret around Marist College’s campus that class registration is one of the most stressful times in a student’s life, second only to finals week. Students spend much of their time beforehand prepping and coming up with alternate plans for every outcome that they will be faced with when that dreaded day arrives. Students all across Marist have come up with different ways of relieving this immense amount of stress. Here are the top 5 ways in which to prevent yourself from losing your mind and to help you roll with the punches during this next class registration week. Continue reading

Five classes to fill your “Senior Spring”

Thanks to the plethora of AP courses offered at my alma mater Arlington High, I happen to be down to my final seven credits before I graduate. My time as a Marist Red Fox is coming to a close, and the dreaded Registration Day draws near.

But seven credits is an awkward number.

Two classes will not be enough to cover the credits I need. Six of my credits will be requirements for my communications major, rounding out my degree. My final credit can be anything I so choose. I began poking around my Self-Service Banner for options.

Hence, behold: the list of classes to take just for the heck of it.

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Registration at Marist, not as bad as it seems

If you are a student at Marist College, the word “registration” may leave you feeling weak at the knees. While registering for classes is a routine event for college students, it can prove to be an extremely stressful time. At Marist College there are several complaints from students about the registration process, but these students should try to stay positive throughout this time. At Marist there are a plethora of resources students may utilize to remedy several of the issues that may arise throughout the registration process.

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As the Advising Period Begins, Class Registration Looms


A long month of planning, decision making  and anxiety, will ultimately lead to frustration amongst Marist College students, once again.

This week, students will begin meeting with their academic advisers to talk about course selections, in preparation for the Spring 2014 class registration period; a period of the semester, which students dread more than anything.

Although course selections do not take place until November 6th, registration has increasingly become a topic of conversation across campus.  Every year, students get all worked up, and continuously ask themselves the same questions:

What if I don’t get into this class, what am I going to do? Or, what happens if there are only 8 AM classes left and I don’t want to wake up that early? Or, what if I am required to this class, but I looked on and the reviews were horrible? What do I do then?

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