Josh Royce: More Than Your Average Athlete

When thinking of your typical collegiate football player, media production is usually not the first thing that comes to mind. However, for senior Wide Receiver Josh Royce, this aspect of his life defines him just as much as his on the field contributions. Royce is known for being a contributing member of the Marist offense as well as creating a Marist Football promo video during the course of Marist’s 2013 Pioneer Football league championship season while he was injured. The video garnered a lot of attention and quickly became the most watched Marist football promotional video on the internet.

Royce initially got into media production in the 7th grade by making short funny videos with his friends. As he got older, he noticed that this was in fact his passion by making his own highlight videos for football. Eventually, upon coming to college Royce decided to pursue it full time, he became a Media Production major here at Marist. Much of what Royce knows is self taught, as he learn most of the information through the videos he made with his friends. Here at Marist, Royce has been given a great opportunity to combine his two loves of football and media production, merging them into something flashy and creative.


Royce making a tip toe catch along the sidelines

Royce was hit with a major setback on the football field in 2013, suffering a serious knee injury that forced him to sit out the entirety of the season. During this time, Royce said the time away from football gave him some perspective on things, saying, “It reminded me of what I really wanted to do in school.” It was during this time that he began to film promotional videos for the Marist football team. Royce also added, “The promotional video really gave me something to do when I was injured.” The video, chronicling the journey of the Marist football team from preseason to Pioneer League Champions has garnered the most views for a Marist football video, with over 3,200 and still counting. The fact that Royce has an insider understanding of what it means to be a football player has helped his media production abilities as well, saying, “A lot of the kids in the media department aren’t athletes and don’t really know what to look for,” Royce commented. “I play football, I know what to look for.”

Royce likes to do things somewhat differently from the traditional Media Production major. He defines his style as more modern and having more flash and creativity than other styles of Media Production majors. He also states that although much of what he learns in school is helpful, the type of media production that he is into is more of a modern style and not necessarily taught in a school setting, saying, “they don’t really teach you how to make flashy videos like music videos or highlight films.” This has caused Royce to do more media production on his own for himself which in turn has led to an increased passion for his area of study, as although he does not follow the traditional norms in terms of media production, he has been successful in doing his own thing.  “You think of stories in your mind and they’re like movies,” Royce stated, adding “it makes your imagination come to life.”

Although filming and editing is what Royce is known for off the field, he says he aspires to be like Steven Spielberg and do it all, meaning directing, editing, writing, and production. Royce took a step in this direction last year, writing an award winning script for a short film called “Closure”, Royce was recognized for his efforts by the Marist Media Department.

This year, Royce is no longer injured and back to being one of the contributors on the Marist Football Team. Although he no longer has the free time his injury gave him to pursue his passion, this hasn’t compromised his love of filming and editing. Following his graduation from Marist, Royce says he wants to go more in the freelance direction of media production. Along with flashy highlight videos, Royce also has a deep interest in travel and different cultures and customs. His dream is to travel the world and film different places and cultures. Royce summed it up perfectly, saying “I just want to enjoy my life and catch it all on film.”

Marist College Football Promo Video by Josh Royce

Marist vs. Jacksonville Pre Game Pump Up by Josh Royce

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