Local government officials look to strengthen college-community relations

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For most politically minded college students at Marist College, the presidential race may appear to be the most pressing upcoming election, but amid all the Hillary-Benghazi-hearing and Trump-on-SNL media coverage, they might have missed an even more consequential political race.

Local elections for key offices in the Dutchess County and Poughkeepsie governments took place on Nov. 3, ending months of hectic, door-to-door campaigning for hundreds of candidates throughout the county. In one of the most hotly contested races, Marc Molinaro, the incumbent republican county executive, won re-election with more than 63 percent of the vote, beating out Democratic challenger Diane Jablonski.

Republican Rob Rolison was elected mayor of the City of Poughkeepsie, defeating Democrat Randy Johnson by more than 1000 votes. Seats on the seven-member Poughkeepsie Town Board, the eight-member Common Council of Poughkeepsie and the 25-member county legislative body were also up for grabs, among other positions.

These officials indubitably affect the lives of the thousands of constituents within their districts, but often overlooked is the relationship between these officials and local college students. Continue reading