Ditching Spring Break For Manual Labor

POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y. — As a senior in college, spring break is one of the last times one is able to be free to let loose and have as much fun as possible with friends.  It consists of planning a vacation with a bunch of other recently 21-year-olds that have been by your side throughout your struggling college journey… but this is not the case for Victoria Cervone. Although she meets all of the details listed by being recently 21 and a senior at Marist College, she has decided to break away from the norm of a senior year spring break.  Instead, she will be using her time to build homes for complete strangers in Oklahoma with about 20 other students as a part of the Habitat for Humanity club on-campus.  Cervone is the Vice President and has been on the trip twice before. Continue reading

Outside the Bubble: November 14-20

It’s been a busy week. Not necessarily a very good week, but it’s at least been busy. And there’s snow on the ground this morning, so there’s that.

The headlines from this past week span from Star Wars, to Hamilton, to Metallica and more. Let’s sort through the madness and take a look outside the bubble.

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Outside the Bubble: October 10-16

This week, the aftermath of the second 2016 Presidential debate, political civil war sparks in the GOP, and Samsung halts production of their new phone.

Here is what’s new this week:

1) Aftermath of the second 2016 Presidential Debate

On Sunday night, October 9, 2016, the second 2016 Presidential Debate kicked off with a “shaky” start. At the beginning of the debate, the two candidates met in the center of the floor, but both refused to shake the other’s hand. It left a very bad atmosphere surrounding the debate for its one hour and one half duration.

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This week in news: 11/16-11/23

With another week in the books, it’s time for your latest addition of Outside the Bubble. Many topics could have been covered this week but this article narrows it down to five, ranging from a popular singer’s new album to terror threats in both Europe and Africa with some politics and sports in between. Take a look.

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This week in news: 9/27 – 10/4

This past week has been a relatively normal one on Marist campus. Classes picked up and workloads increased, just as everyone began to find their routine. More and more desks filled up at the library, while the walk there became increasingly more grueling.This week’s weather gave us a small glimpse into the intensity of happenings in the rest of the world. The Red Fox Report focuses that lens on the top news Outside the Marist Bubble this week. Continue reading