Local coffeeshops offer a unique experience you can’t find at Starbucks

Whether you are tired of Starbucks’ Pike roast, experiencing cabin fever studying in the library or just seeking a more hipster-esque space to lounge in, there are some cool local coffee shops worth checking out. Independent coffee shops like Cafeteria and The Crafted Cup offer a rich brew and a certain ambience that is hard to find at a generic coffeeshop chain. Although both places are overseen by the same owners, each offer a friendly, unique atmosphere of it’s own. Continue reading

New Women’s Basketball Rules Affect how Band, Dance, Cheer Units Operate

Last Thursday was the home opener for the Marist College Women’s Basketball regular season, but for those who attended that game, it could have just as equally been a completely different event that they were attending. It wasn’t because the team played unusually bad, or that the ambience was completely different with the band away to practice for an upcoming concert. No, it was something else that seemed off. Even if the fans could not put their finger on it, they would come to figure this curious sense of change in due time. Continue reading

Marist Singers Hold Annual Benefit Concert for Broadway Cares.

 Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 2.33.39 PMStudents, families and friends all came to the Nelly Goletti theater this past weekend the Marist College Singers held their annual benefit concert, A Night on Broadway. All proceeds from the concert go to Broadway Cares/Equality Fights AIDS. The singers performed the show three times in one weekend after rehearsing for about six weeks.

Broadway Cares/Equality Fights Aids is a non-profit organization that raises money and awareness to fight AIDS. Since 1988 they have raised more than $225 million thanks to the generosity and resources of the American theater community and school groups like Marist’s Singers.

For the past 10 years the Marist College Singers have been putting on this show to help raise money for this organization. The show is different from the other various singers concerts performed throughout the year. The singers break into small groups or solos to do different Broadway numbers. There were large group numbers as well as dance and some light acting.

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