Liquor Law Violations at Marist

POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y — Underage drinking is prevalent in colleges across the nation. According to a National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) article from 2015, approximately four out of five college students drink. Continue reading


Students Seek Increased Support for Counseling Center

POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y. – The academic, social and nearing professional demands of college students can sometimes be enough to warrant the need for a support system for some.

When a petition regarding the state of Marist College’s Health and Wellness Counseling Center circulated Facebook last spring semester, students and faculty were surprised at what they read.

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Marist Professor Wins Primary For Ulster County Legislature

POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y. – One of Marist College’s own faculty members has pulled off a stunning local political upset.

On Tuesday, Sept. 12, Dr. Lynn Eckert defeated Peter Loughran in the Democratic primary election to represent the Ulser County Legislature’s 5th District. Eckert, who is an associate professor of political science at Marist, defeated the 23-year incumbent by accumulating nearly 75 percent of the vote.

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Business majors struggle with the hardest professor on campus


Fighting through a semester with a hard professor is a right of passage in college.

Often before meeting a difficult professor, anxious students depend on RatemyProfessor’s 1 to 5 rating scale and other student’s comments to set the precedent for the class.

But you don’t need RatemyProfessor to find a brutally honest opinion about Zu-Hsu Lee, or who business majors better know as Professor Jason Lee. In fact, many of his students were in utter disbelief, and even took issue with the validity of his ratings, “There is no way this many students have had a positive experience in his class. He must have written these reviews himself.” said senior business major Harrison Felman.

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Donnelly renovations set to continue over winter break

Frequenters of Donnelly Hall were welcomed by a pleasant surprise as they arrived on campus for the 2016-17 academic year. The southeastern corridor of the 54-year-old building had been updated to match current construction standards on Marist’s campus in the form of a modern student lounge and completely renovated bathrooms.

And according to Marist Executive Vice President Geoffrey Brackett, there is much more to come, including a complete overhaul of the Donnelly Cafe over winter break.

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Five classes to fill your “Senior Spring”

Thanks to the plethora of AP courses offered at my alma mater Arlington High, I happen to be down to my final seven credits before I graduate. My time as a Marist Red Fox is coming to a close, and the dreaded Registration Day draws near.

But seven credits is an awkward number.

Two classes will not be enough to cover the credits I need. Six of my credits will be requirements for my communications major, rounding out my degree. My final credit can be anything I so choose. I began poking around my Self-Service Banner for options.

Hence, behold: the list of classes to take just for the heck of it.

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Interning: Poughkeepsie Versus NYC

After college applications the next most competitive aspect of college has to be applying for internships. Near or far, the process of filling out applications, hoping for a response, landing an interview and then getting the position is something college students have become all come too familiar with.

But for Marist College students finding an internship in Manhattan is not always the biggest challenge. Rather, managing the time and finances to make the commute during the school year can be the biggest challenge for a majority of students as it is much harder than it initially seems.

For anyone in Poughkeepsie going to New York City for work or internships the commute is a common one, considering all the opportunities available in such a large city. Unfortunately some college students do not have the time to travel to the city in order to attend an internship, which makes it all the more important to research whether or not Poughkeepsie offers any interning opportunities. Continue reading

Alumni Weekend a Special Time of Joy and Reminiscence for the Marist Community


Alumni gathering around the Rotunda

Is there life after college? For all former Marist students, the answer would be yes. But when the opportunity comes around to relive the four primitive years of the college experience with all who made it so wonderful, life in the “real world” can be put on the backburner for just one weekend.

Marist College held their Alumni Weekend this past weekend, a three day event that welcomed back graduates ranging from the class of 2016 to the first graduate class of 1947. Returning alumni were welcomed back to the campus with a variety of activities and ceremonies which included class reunion celebrations, the annual Homecoming Football game, an alumni family picnic, and even tours of the campus with all of its alterations over the years.

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“Bheard” project to be released tomorrow

Brandon Heard has something big cooking.

Marist’s student body president took to Facebook on October 1st with a cryptic message:

“Six hour meeting with your IT team. Marist, we have something big coming your way. #GetPumped.”

Just over a week later on October 9th, Heard posted an equally mysterious though captivating video advertising “Marist’s next big thing:” bheard. Not much was revealed in the 35-second trailer; just that whatever this was, it was a “really really really really really revolutionary idea.” A tagline at the end of the video reads, “be connected, be foxy, be heard.”

As the video’s hit count reaches 3,500 and beyond, one question still lingers- what exactly is bheard?

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Which capping course at Marist is the most stressful and difficult?


The capping course at Marist College is where students put together all that they have learned in their previous classes. This class is required to graduate and can take a serious toll on students throughout the school.

Whether it’s writing a 25 page paper for communications or 100 pages in business, students still have other classes on their plate along with this intimidating course. Each student handles capping in their own way. However, some students believe that they are worse off than others. Who really does have the most demanding course? Continue reading