Pollster by day, cult member by night

During daylight hours, you can usually find Junior Iulia Ionesco on the third floor of Hancock, busily answering the phones and assisting directors at the Marist Poll. But once the sun sets, you will find Iulia in a seemingly abandoned building, praising demonic statues and speaking in tongues amongst her other cult members. The poll’s head coach is seemingly unrecognizable with her slashed wrists and sleep deprived eyes peaking out from under her black cloak.

No, Iulia is not a part of an actual cult. But, her second job does entail scaring the brave souls that dare to enter the Headless Horseman Haunted House, the Hudson Valley’s spookiest fall attraction. Continue reading

Halloween guide for the Hudson Valley

Tis the season for mischief, fear and plenty of treats. Halloween is right around the corner here at Marist and while some of you may be bummed that you didn’t get tickets for FrightFest there is good news.

Going to school in the Hudson Valley has many perks and one is that we are living in what can be considered a Halloween Mecca. The beauty of the Hudson Valley paired with the historical sights makes it the perfect area to experience hauntings, enjoy local legends and have fun this Halloween.

If you want to get off campus this Halloween there are a variety of attractions in the area ranging from typical family-approved events to cult movie showings and haunted houses guaranteed to scare. Continue reading