Local coffeeshops offer a unique experience you can’t find at Starbucks

Whether you are tired of Starbucks’ Pike roast, experiencing cabin fever studying in the library or just seeking a more hipster-esque space to lounge in, there are some cool local coffee shops worth checking out. Independent coffee shops like Cafeteria and The Crafted Cup offer a rich brew and a certain ambience that is hard to find at a generic coffeeshop chain. Although both places are overseen by the same owners, each offer a friendly, unique atmosphere of it’s own. Continue reading

10 apple-inspired recipes from Marist students

Okay, Marist students. You’ve done your apple picking (we know this because of the endless stream of girls in flannels posing with apples on our Facebook newsfeeds.) Now what?

If you are starting to feel like you will never make a dent in those dozens of apples that you and your friends have complied over the past few weeks, fear no more. When Marist students were asked what their favorite apple-inspired food was, the results were mouthwatering.

Say goodbye to the traditional, boring apple pie you were considering making and hello to the following top ten, easy-to-make recipes, provided to you by your very own peers. These recipes will have you using up your apples in no time!

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Sodexo renovations are still not enough.

This school year, every single eatery on campus advertises big changes with big signs and claims. Sodexo and its different offerings have long been scrutinized by customers, but they seem to have reevaluated over the summer. While some changes improve efficiency in the food service, others are unwelcome and undetected by Marist customers.

For Sodexo management, these changes are a sign of a successful company.  “Especially with big companies like Sodexo, there is always something coming down the line,” says Michael Deluca, manager of the dining hall and food service. He explains Sodexo’s interest in “a new way of doing things, new menu items, new equipment.”

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A historic hidden gem

At the corner of Main and Market Street in the City of Poughkeepsie sits Alex’s Restaurant, a quaint breakfast and lunch bistro. Alex’s website describes its interior as art deco, but Front of House Manager Michael Pertesis says that the mellow green walls, white accents, brick floor and exposed radiators are meant to be “reminiscent of an old-fashioned place that has been here for one-hundred years.” Continue reading

Hidden Gem: Billy Bob’s BBQ

If you like good barbecue, look no further than Billy Bob’s BBQ on Fairmont Ave in Arlington, just ten minutes away from Marist.

Once you walk in you get the feeling that you picked the right barbecue place to experience. The walls are covered with TV’s, license plates from all different states, and big longhorns that give off a southern vibe.

Outside of Billy Bob's

Outside of Billy Bob’s

They have a lot of specials and entertainment throughout the week including Karaoke on Saturday’s and live music every Friday night. Their food and drink specials are great as well. The deals include 50 cent wings with 21 flavors to choose from on Tuesday’s, $1 pulled pork tacos on Wednesday, and $1 draft Budweiser, Bud Light, and their own Billy Bob’s Special Brew on Thursday night from 11 pm until 1 am. During the football games, they have about 8 items on a special menu where everything on it is $6 dollars in addition to $6 dollar pitchers. This special menu their half-sized nachos, which makes you wonder how big the full sized nachos could possibly be for only $3 dollars. Also from 4-7 every day is happy hour so all drinks are only one dollar off.

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