Through the Eyes of a Freshman- Fall Break: Expectation vs Reality

POUGHKEEPSIE, NY- Fall Break, for the most part is the first time Marist College freshman get to return to their hometown since leaving in August. Some are excited to be home with their family, to see their high school friends, to sleep in their own room, to have home cooking for the first time in two months. Others are not as excited to go home with chores and parental rules looming, some students love the new freedom they were given that one night in late August. As a senior now, going home does not have the same feel as it did that first time coming home freshman year. However, every freshman has expectations of what is going to happen and for the most part expectations and reality rarely match up. Sometimes the time that freshman think they are going to get on their break is not theirs to use, stuck going to various family gatherings instead of hanging out with friends. To write this article and to get the reaction that I need I have enlist the help of four freshman (two males and two females) to give me their expectations of their weekend and then reality they ran into. Continue reading