Not All Americans Run on Coffee

Three Starbucks cups with a big X through the middle one.

Three Starbucks cups with a big X through the middle one.

Poughkeepsie, N.Y. –  Many people believe America runs on coffee. And for some people it does to the extent that they cannot live without it. Even astronauts who desire coffee, but work in space will be able to rejoice with a nice hot cup of Joe as an Italian coffee company Lavazza with help from an engineering company has created the ISSpresso machine, which will provide genuine Italian espresso for them on the International Space Station.

This speculation of America’s obsession with coffee is fueled by active market research too. The National Coffee Association (NCA), which is a marketing research/ lobby group for the coffee industry says that approximately 41% of every day coffee drinkers are between the ages of 18-24, the second largest age percentage behind the 63% between the ages 25-39.

Yet in total the 2013 NCA study found over 83 percent of U.S. adults drink coffee. Keep in mind those may be the people have drank coffee once in their lives, but still almost give credence to the slogan that we run on coffee.

And you would believe that many college students would drink coffee too. Usually when the Fall semester is coming to a close, many students will be studying for long hours in the Library or Donnelly Computer Lab for their final exams with Starbucks or Dunkin Donut’s coffee by their side. Yet, not everyone partakes in the ritual of staying up late with their Grande Mocha Latte or their black coffee. Some seldom or never drink coffee at all. Continue reading