The Angry Orchard brewery: an overview

Autumn has arrived, which means it’s time to head out the door in your boots and flannels to adventure in some seasonal activities. A 45-minute drive from Marist College is Angry Orchard Brewery in Walden, New York. It’s an easy and peaceful drive with numerous family-owned apple farms along the way. When you approach the Angry Orchard Brewery, you’ll see an old red barn with the Angry Orchard logo; that’s where you’ll pull in. As you drive up along the road to the main entrance, you’ll drive through the apple orchards. The apples are ripe and crisp, so you’ll start craving sweet cider before you even step out your car.

When you walk in have your ID ready, there is a little table with a staff member who will check your ID and give you a wooden token for cider tasting at the end of the tour. (Don’t lose it; it’s the best part!) The self-guided walking tour of Angry Orchard’s history and the process of the cider making is proximately 30 minutes, and it’s free! Before you start the tour, you might want to stop and take a picture with the old red pickup truck with the Angry Orchard Brewery Hard Cider sign when you first walk in. Staff members agreed it’s a signature photo spot at the brewery.

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