The Red Fox Report travels “Back to the Future” of Marist

Fans of the “Back to the Future” movie referred to this past Tuesday, October 21, as “Back to the Future Day.” This was the exact day, in 2015, that the characters visited from the movie’s present day of 1985. 30 years ago, the film’s creators envisioned a 2015 with hoverboards, flying cars, Pepsi Perfect and the Cubs winning the World Series. Fans now see that certain parts of these predictions are more accurate than others.

To much disappointment, hoverboards are not a 2015 commodity, however some of the technology in the movie, such as tablets, video calls and fingerprint recognition, can be found in modern day. Society has come a long way in 30 years. The real 2015 finds itself somewhere between the fantasies of the science fiction movie, and the simpler times of 1985. To celebrate the collision of present and future, Pepsi released a limited edition line of Pepsi Perfect collectible bottles, fans dressed up like Marty McFly and the Red Fox Report took a look at how far Marist has come since 1985. Continue reading

Seniors enjoy an evening of craft beer tasting

In the framework of alcohol drinking related activities on campus at Marist College, there seems to be a hierarchy of sorts. Of course at the top you have the pinnacle, Riverfest, an event aimed at providing upperclassmen of drinking age with a scenic day of social drinking, and at the bottom you have the quiet, seemingly passive aggressive, freshman pre-games scattered throughout Champ, Leo, Marian, and Sheahan (well maybe not Sheahan…). Yet besides for the often underrated wine drinking at the art gallery openings, what lies in the middle? What event provides students with the perfect amount of casual drinking fun? Enter the Senior Class Annual Beer Tasting. Continue reading