Marist Men’s Basketball experiences game of a lifetime against top ranked Duke University

This past weekend the Marist College Men’s Basketball team started off their season in a big way, traveling down to Durham to take on the legendary Duke University Blue Devils in the famed Cameron Indoor Arena as part of the Hall of Fame Tip-Off Classic. Though some of the players tried to play it off as just a normal game, most simply just couldn’t contain their excitement.

“This is going to be a game we will certainly never forget,” said Marist senior forward Kentrall Brooks. “I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t totally pumped.”

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Outside the Bubble: Nov.7-13

In this weeks news, five states consider legalizing marijuana, Election Day is held, Trump is announced as America’s next president, the global market crashed, Trump meets with Obama, Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian welcome a baby girl, a 108-year-old Cubs fan dies, and Trump Protests explode throughout New York.

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Honoring veterans around campus


On Friday, November 12 people around the country and more specifically the community at Marist College recognized and celebrated all those who have served us in the armed forces.

“What makes America great is the people and the good they can do when they come together,” said Captain Paul Rinn class of 1968 at Marist College.

Captain Paul X. Rinn, USN, was the first commanding officer of the USS Samuel B. Roberts and was in command when the ship struck a mine in the Persian Gulf on April 14, 1988. According to some of the other Veterans at the ceremony, Rinn is responsible for avoiding the sinking of the ship when it hit the mine. Continue reading

How to make yourself a better job candidate

With less than 200 days until graduation, seniors at Marist College must begin to prepare for the real world. For those graduating a semester early this December, that time is much shorter. It’s tough in all fields when it comes to finding job opportunities, but there are ways to set yourself apart from the rest of the competition.

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The origin of The Way to Wisdom statue

In the fall of 2015, Dr. Kevin Lerner was invited to a conference where he would be a member of an awards panel along with a number of other professors from across the country. One in particular was a professor from Niagara University. Not knowing a lot about the school, Dr. Lerner decided to do some research on the college, specifically by visiting the university’s Wikipedia Page.

In a photo on the website, Dr. Lerner discovered that Niagara University had the same exact statue that Marist College has in front of its chapel; a statue of a priest talking to a young man and woman. “I was really confused when I saw their campus had the same statue as ours,” said Lerner. “Except, they claimed that it was a different priest and the girl’s sweatshirt said ‘Niagara’ on it instead of ‘Marist.’ That’s what made me very curious about the origin of this statue.’” Continue reading

Hidden Gem: Nic L Inn

Most Marist students will know the first exit on Route 9 South as the exit for Mahoney’s, River Station or the train station. What they won’t know is the restaurant half a mile before all of the above listed locations.

Opened on August 13, 2013 the Nic L Inn has been bringing a wonderful variety of food and wine over the past three years. Owners Nick and Lynette Deluccia, who used to have the exact same name in LaGrange, moved to Poughkeepsie because they saw a great opportunity with the location of the building. It is believed that the name of the restaurant is for their daughter Nicolette. They enjoyed being right on the Hudson River and they also came up with the idea of making the restaurant a wine cellar style. It is closed on Monday’s and is a lunch and dinner place for Tuesday through Sunday.

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The name behind the building

Many students roam the Marist campus going from class to class without thinking to him or her self, “who the heck is Donnelly, Fontaine, or Hancock.” This article is in dedication to those great philanthropists and leaders whose names are on the buildings of our beautiful home at Marist College.

To learn about the process of naming a building, I spoke with Chris DelGiorno, Vice President of College Advancement. DelGiorno explained that in order to have a building in your name, you either have to be a really important person to the college or a philanthropist who makes a substantial gift to the college. Buildings like Dyson, Hancock and Lowell Thomas were in honor of generous donors. Fontaine, Donnelly and the Murray Student Center were named after important people in Marist history. The college promotes substantial donations for this though conversations with the board of trustees.

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Business majors struggle with the hardest professor on campus


Fighting through a semester with a hard professor is a right of passage in college.

Often before meeting a difficult professor, anxious students depend on RatemyProfessor’s 1 to 5 rating scale and other student’s comments to set the precedent for the class.

But you don’t need RatemyProfessor to find a brutally honest opinion about Zu-Hsu Lee, or who business majors better know as Professor Jason Lee. In fact, many of his students were in utter disbelief, and even took issue with the validity of his ratings, “There is no way this many students have had a positive experience in his class. He must have written these reviews himself.” said senior business major Harrison Felman.

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Outside the Bubble (October 31-Nov 6)

To put it gently a lot happened this week, from the Cubs’ first World Series victory in over a century, South Korean President Park Geun-hye apologizes from political scandal, Iraqi Special Forces launch full assault into Mosul and some American schools are cancelling classes on Election Day due to fear of violence at the polling sites. Two days before Election Day and the influx of news has not stopped.

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Behind-the-scenes of David Yellen’s Inauguration with LDJ Productions

At approximately 1:51 p.m. on Saturday afternoon, David Yellen stood on an imposing, dramatically lit stage upon the basketball court of the McCann Arena and was officially sworn in as the fourth President of Marist College.

Exactly 24 hours before this moment, a team of five technicians pull in unison at steel chains that hoist a massive lighting system up to the rafters. Equipment is being filtered in from side entrances and loaded onto forklifts, while cables are being run from an operating booth to the stage. Meanwhile, Marist students unfold rows of white chairs and neatly arrange them in dozens of rows.

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