The 21st Century Sportswriter

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Poughkeepsie, NY – ESPN personality Pablo Torre made a pit stop to the Marist campus on November 9th and was met with a fully packed audience made up of college students.  Torre was the first of many speakers to come to Marist this year as the annual Center for Sports Communication Speaker Series gets started.

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Marist College Granted Approval For Doctorate Program

POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y. – Marist College’s plan of bringing its first ever Doctor of Physical Therapy program to campus has finally come to fruition.

According to a Marist College press release, the program received approval from the New York State Board of Regents, which is required to begin the process of enrolling students. The institution is also waiting to hear back from the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education regarding its application for Candidate of Accreditation status. Continue reading

The Morgan Center: Still Going the Extra Mile

LONG ISLAND, NY—The Morgan Center still continues to work wonders for children diagnosed with cancer.  If you don’t remember, The Morgan Center is the first ever pre-school for children with cancer in America. It is located on Long Island, New York, created and named after Morgan Zuch, a current sophomore at Marist College. When Zuch was just two and a half years old, she was diagnosed with Leukemia and because the chemotherapy was so strong, Zuch was not able to live life like a normal pre-school child. Unfortunately, this is the usual situation for children diagnosed with cancer and are undergoing chemotherapy. To make a long story short, The Morgan Center was started up shortly after Zuch finished chemotherapy and was declared free of cancer. This pre-school is specially designed for young children who went through exactly what Morgan had to go through, but gives them the closest chance they’ll ever get to having a normal childhood.  The pre-school was started by Zuch’s parents and is over the years growing to become an amazing organization.

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Just Lock Your Doors

POUGHKEEPSIE N.Y.–  Right up the street from the campus of Marist College is a newly built suit style apartment building, “Fox Run at Fulton.” These apartment style suites are filled with mostly Marist students along with a few public residents. Although these apartments are filled with a majority of Marist students, it is considered off-campus living. Marist does rent out one floor in Fox Run for Marist students, because of a new building not being built on time for this semester.

Fox Run: Street View with Gate

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Study Breaks, Re-imagined

POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y. — After a long weekend of procrastinating, accompanied by a mound of work steadily accumulating, Sunday strolls along and it’s crunch time. A case could be made that this is simply adding to the procrastination, but, according to ScienceDaily, taking a break from work actually increases overall productivity. Though it’s a fairly unknown club on Marist College’s campus, the Red Ink Club holds a prominent place in the lives of students who attend.

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The Newest Voices on Campus: The Enharmonics

POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y. — For several years Marist College’s Music Department has only had two a capella groups on campus, The Lovely Sirens for women, and Time Check for the men. However, when Gigi Figueroa had the idea of creating a co-ed group at Marist she quickly made this a reality and thus, The Enharmonics was born.  Continue reading

Quiet Cove Closed For Construction

Poughkeepsie, NY — Quiet Cove Riverfront Park is located on the west side of Route 9 in the Town of Poughkeepsie, just past the north entrance of the Marist College campus. The park used to only be available to Hudson River psychiatric center residents, until Duchess County purchased it. Now open to the public, the park’s proximity to Marist College’s campus is what makes it a desired destination for Marist students. Students can go to the park to walk the trails, have lunch, fish, or just hang out by the water of the Hudson River. Continue reading

Netflix and… Learn?

It’s Thursday night, but you don’t want to go out and you have no homework due before the weekend. The perfect solution: watch a movie with your professors… yes, I said your professors.  Jeff Bass, Media and Production professor at Marist College, started the event Faculty Favorites in 2014 after a screening theatre was built into the Lowell Thomas Communications building.  Faculty Favorites is meant “to expand the film repertoire of students. I think it has a benefit for students and also I just think it’s a heck of a lot of fun” says Bass.

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