Outside the Bubble: November 14-20

It’s been a busy week. Not necessarily a very good week, but it’s at least been busy. And there’s snow on the ground this morning, so there’s that.

The headlines from this past week span from Star Wars, to Hamilton, to Metallica and more. Let’s sort through the madness and take a look outside the bubble.

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Outside the Bubble: Nov.7-13

In this weeks news, five states consider legalizing marijuana, Election Day is held, Trump is announced as America’s next president, the global market crashed, Trump meets with Obama, Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian welcome a baby girl, a 108-year-old Cubs fan dies, and Trump Protests explode throughout New York.

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Outside the Bubble (October 31-Nov 6)

To put it gently a lot happened this week, from the Cubs’ first World Series victory in over a century, South Korean President Park Geun-hye apologizes from political scandal, Iraqi Special Forces launch full assault into Mosul and some American schools are cancelling classes on Election Day due to fear of violence at the polling sites. Two days before Election Day and the influx of news has not stopped.

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Outside the bubble (October 24-30)

In news this week, the FBI reopened their investigation into the Hillary Clinton email probe, the Redskins and Bengals find themselves playing in London for week 8, the Supreme Court looks into a transgender bathroom case in Virginia, polls are getting closer as Clinton only holds a two point lead with just nine days before the election and autopsy results show that Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez had more than just alcohol in his system following his death.

Let’s take a look:


Credit to Daily Wire

1. With only nine days to go until the election, FBI Director James Comey announced the bureau decided to reopen the investigation regarding Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. The emails are reportedly involving Anthony Wiener and his sexting with a minor scandal. “We are reviewing these emails to determine if they contain classified information,” Comey said in the letter to Congress. It will be interesting to see if this new information ends up harming her campaign.

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Outside the bubble (October 17-23)

In news this week, Trump and Clinton faced off in their 3rd and final presidential debate, the Giants and Rams fly to London for week 7,  Europe sends a probe to mars, Japan has a 6.2 magnitude earthquake, ISIS uses humans as shields as they enclose on Mosul, AT&T strikes a huge deal with Time Warner Inc., and Trump plans to sue the women who accused him of sexual assault.

Take a look:


Photo courtesy of KITV

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Outside the Bubble: October 10-16

This week, the aftermath of the second 2016 Presidential debate, political civil war sparks in the GOP, and Samsung halts production of their new phone.

Here is what’s new this week:

1) Aftermath of the second 2016 Presidential Debate

On Sunday night, October 9, 2016, the second 2016 Presidential Debate kicked off with a “shaky” start. At the beginning of the debate, the two candidates met in the center of the floor, but both refused to shake the other’s hand. It left a very bad atmosphere surrounding the debate for its one hour and one half duration.

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This Week In News: October 3rd-9th

This past week, the world’s most notable celebrity was the victim of an armed robbery, a little girl took to Twitter to show the world the hell she is living in and a ‘monster’ hurricane made landfall in the U.S.

This week in news:


Courtesy of CNN

1. Kim Kardashian robbed at gunpoint in Paris apartment

Highly-visible reality television star, Kim Kardashian West, may have been a bit too visible on social media this past weekend when she was overseas for Paris Fashion Week. Armed, masked men disguised as police officers entered the building in the early morning hours on Monday and forced the concierge to let them into Kardashian’s apartment. Continue reading

Outside the Bubble: September 26th-October 2nd

Now that September has come to a close and October has officially begun we’re kicking it off this week with the long awaited Presidential Debates between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, breaking the record for most watched debate in U.S. history with 84 million people tuning in on Monday night, followed by a series of scandals later in the week involving Samsung’s exploding smartphones and washing machines to Wells Fargo’s dishonest employees and illegal backdoor dealings deliberately targeting U.S. servicemen and women in the military. It’s been a whirlwind of a week with many events taking center stage in the news, but here are some of the highlights. Take a look.


courtesy of CNN

  1. The first presidential debate takes place.Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump faced off in the first of three presidential debates Monday night at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York. The topics at the debate, moderated by NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt, ranged from birtherism to Donald Trump’s refusal to release his income taxes to fact checking on both sides. Trump was on the defensive for the majority of the night, coming under fire from Clinton on his sexism and lack of experience in national security to his stance on policing and support of “stop and frisk.” Many zingers were used throughout the night on both sides as well, but no clear winner came out in the end as both held the stage during different points of the night, with Clinton coming out on top towards the end of the night and Trump coming out with a strong start towards the beginning of the night. The next two debates will be held on Tuesday, October 4 at Longwood University, Farmville VA and on Sunday, October 9, at Washington University in St. Louis, MO.



courtesy of FOX61

2. Houston police responded to a report of an active shooter at a shopping center.

It happened in an affluent neighborhood of Houston around 6:30 AM. The shooter was dressed in a vintage military coat adorned with a Nazi symbol toting a “Tommy Gun” and a handgun, opening fire on shoppers in their cars, injuring 9 in total before being shot dead by police. The man was a disgruntled lawyer from the Houston area, and according to interviews with his father was upset over the failure of his law firm, McDaniel & DeSai LLP, which closed down within the last year.

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This week in the news: September 19th-25th

It’s time for this semester’s first addition of Outside the Bubble, where the Red Fox Report gives a quick overview of the news of the week. This week’s hot topics range from celebrity break ups to politics to the royal family to yet another senseless shooting. Take a look.

1. Angelina Jolie officially files divorce from Brad Pitt


Courtesy of ibtimes

One of Hollywood’s most distinguished marriages is over.

On Monday, it was shockingly announced Angelina Jolie Pitt filed for divorce from husband Brad Pitt, citing irreconcilable differences. Continue reading

This week in news: 11/16-11/23

With another week in the books, it’s time for your latest addition of Outside the Bubble. Many topics could have been covered this week but this article narrows it down to five, ranging from a popular singer’s new album to terror threats in both Europe and Africa with some politics and sports in between. Take a look.

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