Hidden Gem: Emiliano’s Pizza

Located at 111 Main Street Poughkeepsie, New York is an old school, traditional style, award-winning pizzeria owned and managed by two brothers. Egidio and Emiliano Guerriero have run Emiliano’s Pizza for over twenty-one years and counting. Unfortunately for the Marist College Class of 2016, very few have ever eaten at Emiliano’s, and most have never even heard of its highly regarded pizza.

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Hidden Gem: Saugerties Lighthouse

You can arrive by foot or boat, only.

If you’re walking, you must be wary of the tide chart delineating the twice-daily flooding of the half-mile trail to the lighthouse.

“Among the suggested packing list items are waterproof footwear, a flashlight, and your favorite snacks and beverages, as the only meal served on the premises is breakfast,”an e-mail from Lighthouse Keeper, Anna Landewe, preceding my one night stay with my visiting friend in a lighthouse, converted into a bed and breakfast, last January.

A time-lapse video of the half-mile walk to the Saugerties Lighthouse.

Saugerties Lighthouse, located in Saugerties New York (just 45 minutes from Marist) at the convergence of Esopus Creek and the Hudson River, was originally erected in 1834 by a $5,000 grant funded by U.S Congress to guide ships to the nearby port. After a damaging fire, the structure was re-built in 1869 as it stands today, a still-functional lighthouse and now historic site owned by Saugerties Lighthouse Conservancy, who bought the property from New York State in 1986 for one dollar. Continue reading

Hidden Gem: The Pandorica

First things first: this hidden gem may not actually be considered that “hidden.”

The Pandorica in Beacon went viral last August due to its overall theme and is one of the few Doctor Who themed restaurants in the United States. Originally The Cup and Saucer Tea Room, the business went under renovation in the spring, when owner Shirley Wenlock-Hot first decided on the theme change, officially opening on July 7 in its new incarnation. A little over a month later the business went viral, popping up on social media and news sites while being shared by avid “Doctor Who” fans, affectionately called Whovians.

Pandorica Outside

The entrance to 165 Main Street, Beacon, NY – The Pandorica.

However walking along Beacon’s Main Street the restaurant looks like one of the many other shops in the town. Housed in a small brick building, with thirteen tables and bar seating, it’s the type of spot you either stop in because you know what type of place it is or you looked in the window and figured it looked like a neat place to try.

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Hancock Center’s Secret Study Areas

On the campus of Marist College, the students are abuzz with Finals vastly approaching. Students are always looks for a nice place to study, most believe that there is only one quiet on campus place to study, which is the James Cannavino Library. However, those people are wrong, there are many great place to study on campus, some hidden gems if you will.

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A historic hidden gem

At the corner of Main and Market Street in the City of Poughkeepsie sits Alex’s Restaurant, a quaint breakfast and lunch bistro. Alex’s website describes its interior as art deco, but Front of House Manager Michael Pertesis says that the mellow green walls, white accents, brick floor and exposed radiators are meant to be “reminiscent of an old-fashioned place that has been here for one-hundred years.” Continue reading

Hidden Gem: BurgerFi

The movement of “going green” and leaving as little carbon footprint as possible on the environment has taken the nation by storm. Businesses have tried to adopt this environmentally and ethically beneficial operating system in order to appeal to the public and develop solid reputations.

BurgerFi is a chain restaurant that generated out of the offices in Delray Beach, Florida.  BurgerFi prides their selves in their all natural Angus beef from cattle that are raised in the most stringent standards.  They also create an environment that you don’t typically see at your local burger joint.  Each store is built to be environmentally sustainable, earth friendly elements, and chairs that are made from recycled Coke bottles, tables made out of compressed recycled wood, and large fans that use 66% less electricity. Continue reading

Hidden Gem: Half Time Beverages

Have you ever seen a 21 year old college student run around a store like a kid in a candy shop? No.  Then the odds are you have not heard or been to Half Time beverages. Located South of Road 9 about seven miles from Marist college, it’s enough of a distance where Marist students may not know about it, but it’s not far enough to deter anyone with a car from going, especially after the many delicious drinks that await.

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Hidden Gem: Billy Bob’s BBQ

If you like good barbecue, look no further than Billy Bob’s BBQ on Fairmont Ave in Arlington, just ten minutes away from Marist.

Once you walk in you get the feeling that you picked the right barbecue place to experience. The walls are covered with TV’s, license plates from all different states, and big longhorns that give off a southern vibe.

Outside of Billy Bob's

Outside of Billy Bob’s

They have a lot of specials and entertainment throughout the week including Karaoke on Saturday’s and live music every Friday night. Their food and drink specials are great as well. The deals include 50 cent wings with 21 flavors to choose from on Tuesday’s, $1 pulled pork tacos on Wednesday, and $1 draft Budweiser, Bud Light, and their own Billy Bob’s Special Brew on Thursday night from 11 pm until 1 am. During the football games, they have about 8 items on a special menu where everything on it is $6 dollars in addition to $6 dollar pitchers. This special menu their half-sized nachos, which makes you wonder how big the full sized nachos could possibly be for only $3 dollars. Also from 4-7 every day is happy hour so all drinks are only one dollar off.

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Lemongrass Thai Restaurant: A Delicious New Option


Located just 10 minutes away from Marist lies the Lemongrass Thai Restaurant, a small Thai restaurant in a quiet neighborhood started in just 2011. Although unassuming from the outside, inside, the Lemongrass Thai Restaurant offers a genuine Thai feel that makes you know that you are somewhere authentic.

The authenticity of the restaurant is the first thing that one notices upon entering the restaurant. Lining the walls were all sorts of traditional Thai ornaments and tapestries. Along with the feel inside the place, the service is great. Food comes fresh out of the kitchen in a surprisingly short amount of time, and there is always someone around making sure every part of your meal is perfect.

Lemongrass offers a wide variety of food both on their lunch menu and dinner menu. Two of the most popular items on the menu according to a manager at the restaurant, are the Pad Thai and the Pad See Awe. “These are both simple easy noodle dishes.” He claimed, “Many people like these.” The portions offered for the Pad Thai and Pad See Awe are huge as well, easily offering another meal or two simply from the leftovers. Most entrees on the menu cost around 10.95, with only a few special entrees costing a couple dollars more here and there.

Another dish worth trying is the Pad Gapow, a spicy blend of beef, chicken, or pork mixed with hot chili peppers and garlic in a spicy Thai sauce. Before ordering, you have an option of how spicy you would like it made, in case you can’t handle too much spiciness.

Along with offering a wealth of delicious Thai appetizers and dishes, Lemongrass also offers a couple of interesting Thai beer selections. Recommended by the restaurant is Singha, a popular beer in Thailand. Also offered is the best selling beer in Thailand, Beer Chang. Both compliment the dishes at the restaurant well, and are worth checking out.

When asked if he had any final words for any Marist Students looking for good Thai food in the area, the manager replied, “Just come in and try my food. I know you will like.” A bold statement, yes, but one that the Lemongrass Thai Restaurant strives hard to live up to.

Due to the lack of quality Thai food in the direct vicinity of the Marist campus, Lemongrass offers a great spot to get away and enjoy a delicious, filling meal and a beer all at an affordable price. You can find the Lemongrass Cafe at 25 Langrange Avenue in Poughkeepsie. Weekdays Lemongrass opens at 11:30 am and closes at 9:30 pm and 10:30 pm on Fridays. Lemongrass is also open on weekends too, with reduced hours. You can reach the Lemongrass Cafe at (845) 454-2156.