Honoring veterans around campus


On Friday, November 12 people around the country and more specifically the community at Marist College recognized and celebrated all those who have served us in the armed forces.

“What makes America great is the people and the good they can do when they come together,” said Captain Paul Rinn class of 1968 at Marist College.

Captain Paul X. Rinn, USN, was the first commanding officer of the USS Samuel B. Roberts and was in command when the ship struck a mine in the Persian Gulf on April 14, 1988. According to some of the other Veterans at the ceremony, Rinn is responsible for avoiding the sinking of the ship when it hit the mine. Continue reading


WMAR fixes “ridiculous” tech issues, problems still linger

The WMAR radio station is back and fully functioning.

Didn’t notice? You are probably not alone.

Marist College’s radio station spend two months dormant, unable to broadcast to the outside world. A technical glitch in the newly updated computer system prevented a connection to the online stream that feeds from the studio; a glitch that went unnoticed by the WMAR club board, the Media Center and the school’s IT department.

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MCCTA: A driving force on campus

At Marist College, there are a great many clubs, 95 to be exact, that students participate in on a daily basis. Whether this be to receive those precious Priority Points to get good housing or simply for the love of the ideals presented in the club, it is clear to see that the Marist community feels that student clubs and organizations are an important part of college life. Of all the clubs on campus, however, one organization praises itself as the club with the most active membership of them all.

This club is the Marist College Club of the Theater Arts, or as it is most commonly known, MCCTA. Why is this organization such a force on campus you may ask? Well, a look into the club’s past and how it has evolved is the first step to answering this question. Continue reading

Interning: Poughkeepsie Versus NYC

After college applications the next most competitive aspect of college has to be applying for internships. Near or far, the process of filling out applications, hoping for a response, landing an interview and then getting the position is something college students have become all come too familiar with.

But for Marist College students finding an internship in Manhattan is not always the biggest challenge. Rather, managing the time and finances to make the commute during the school year can be the biggest challenge for a majority of students as it is much harder than it initially seems.

For anyone in Poughkeepsie going to New York City for work or internships the commute is a common one, considering all the opportunities available in such a large city. Unfortunately some college students do not have the time to travel to the city in order to attend an internship, which makes it all the more important to research whether or not Poughkeepsie offers any interning opportunities. Continue reading

SPC looks to increase its audience through new and creative planning concepts

What exactly is there to do at Marist anyway?

This tends to be a question asked by many Marist College students, especially those in the freshman class still looking to find their way or fit in.

For many in this situation, the events planned by the Student Programming Council of Marist during welcome week helped these freshman get a nice start, but haven’t gained that much traction since that point.

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Does the Faculty Art Exhibition receive the recognition it deserves?


It is that time of year again when the Steel Plant is transformed into a showcase for contemporary art. The Faculty Exhibition opened to the public for viewing on Sept. 19th located in the Marist Art Gallery. The exhibition contains a variety of artwork presentations and runs daily from 12 p.m.-5 p.m. until Oct. 22nd. Continue reading

Marist College HuMarists: from preparing to performing

At the end of every academic semester, the Marist College HuMarists, the school’s official improv and sketch comedy group, perform their “Big Show” that they prepare and practice for throughout the months leading up to it. The club is the longest reigning student-ran organization on campus at over twenty-five years and counting. This semester the group’s main event show will be taking place on December 10th at 9:30 P.M. in the Nelly Golleti Theater on campus. Continue reading

The (lack of) art on Marist’s campus

Marist’s Campus is widely regarded as well kept, as a beautifully manicured campus, as a campus with dedication to aesthetics.  Why then, is there such a noticeable lack of art on campus?  As any student or visitor will quickly notice, the walls of even the most pristine of Marist’s buildings are overwhelmingly bare.  And where there is art, such as inside the Cannavino library, there is often very little.

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Marist holds on to its Catholic roots

Pope Francis has captivated audiences of all religions and nationalities across the world since being elected to lead the Catholic Church in 2013, but the pontiff’s six-day, three-city tour of the U.S. late last month was especially inspiring for many Catholics at Marist College.

Although Marist is an independent institution, its Catholic origins are undeniable. The college was established in 1929 by the Marist Brothers, an international community of Catholic priests, and remained affiliated with the Church until 1969 when it was sold to an independent board of trustees. Today, the campus is full of reminders of the college’s Catholic legacy, including the chapel in the center of campus, a grotto and a statue of St. Marcellin Champagnat, the founder of the Marist Brothers.

“There is a Catholic presence on campus,” said Dr. Sally Dwyer-McNulty, an associate professor of history at Marist. “For people paying attention, it is stronger, but for others, they might not notice it quite as much.” Continue reading

The fall (and hopefully rise) of the spring concert at Marist College

Spring semester for Marist College students is marked by a variety of events, but one event that receives some of the most attention is the spring concert. Many students are under the impression that the tuition price of Marist has influence on what kind of artist should be performing the spring concert, but this is a wide misconception. There was confusion and disappointment after the last minute performer, the band Bleachers, was announced to be last year’s spring concert. This was deeply reflected in the low attendance rate of approximately 300 students, where typical attendance is approximately 1,000 students.

Past years’ performers of the spring concert include bigger artist names such as the band Goo Goo Dolls and rap artist Big Sean. When the late announcement of the less popular band Bleacher’s performance broke, students were confused and many felt let down. Unfortunately, many students do not understand what factors affect this situation                                                       Continue reading