The (lack of) art on Marist’s campus

Marist’s Campus is widely regarded as well kept, as a beautifully manicured campus, as a campus with dedication to aesthetics.  Why then, is there such a noticeable lack of art on campus?  As any student or visitor will quickly notice, the walls of even the most pristine of Marist’s buildings are overwhelmingly bare.  And where there is art, such as inside the Cannavino library, there is often very little.

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Marist Library : Always busy

Its almost 4:30 and the sun is already beginning to set on this dreary late fall afternoon. Outside there is very little commotion, but as per usual, the Marist library still hosts a wide variety of students diligently working. As one makes their way into the library, they pass the lobby full of young Starbucks drinkers and small gathered groups meeting to discuss classes and projects.  As the lobby is passed and the library itself is entered, one can see student heads looking down at glowing laptops and filling up notebooks. Some are killing time, others are cramming to finish their assignments before their next class. Others, like Vinny Marinno, are doing a little of both.

Vinny, a senior at Marist, more or less epitomizes some of the average feelings within students at the library.  When asked why he was here, or why he liked the library he dryly responded, “this is where I go to focus and not be constantly interrupted.  Vinny, like the many around him, was there to complete the assignment for his rapidly approaching 5 o’clock class.


Vinny Marinno

Vinny Marinno

Marist’s Residence Inn: A guide for recent/upcoming transfer students

According to Marist’s own website, the school accepts, “approximately 300 transfer students per year.” This may not be surprising, but what may surprise you is the housing assigned to the overwhelming majority of these transfers.

The Marriott Residence Inn, about 5 miles south of campus, is a functioning hotel that additionally serves as part Marist dormitory. Many transfer students point to issues such as the isolation and distance from campus in addition to the separation of students within the hotel itself as a source of constant struggle/frustration. Living at the hotel can be hard for many reasons, but there are several things students can do to better their stay with the Residence Inn. Continue reading

This week in news: 10/19 – 10/26

Marist students have returned from their mid-semester breaks to finish up midterms and prepare themselves for the rapidly approaching finals season.  As students get back into their rhythms, they may have missed what has been happening outside of the “Marist bubble.” Thankfully, The Red Fox Report: Outside the Bubble is here to recap what students might have missed in the last week.

  1. Vice President Biden announces he will not run for President

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Drought stricken West continues to feel the heat

Droughts continue to spread wildfires, dead grass, and general discomfort across the West Coast of the United States.  But the droughts’ effects are far from limited to their above ground damage.  There is another issue brewing as the rains continue to hold out; water rights and farming.
“Look at the parks, there isn’t a single park that still has green grass,” Roni Silvada, a Los Angeles native, complains.  “We are told that we must make attempts to cut our water consumption, 25% I think it is.”  She is referencing Governor Browns Executive Order, put into effect May 18th, 2015, that directed the State Water Board to implement decreased water usage by 25%.  The state has been in a drought state of emergency since January.  Silvada went on to say, “But other than that, the drought doesn’t have a huge effect on our day to day lives, we cant water our yards and conserve, but the real problem is with the big farms outside the city.”