7 reasons College Students cheer for other Universities

There are many different reasons a student at a specific university may choose to root for another team at a different university as opposed to their own. After a lot of polling and on-the-street questioning I was able to come up with seven reasons why college students go to one University and cheer for the teams of another.

Over this Thanksgiving break I was able to spend some time with old friends and journey the short twenty minute ride into the City of Philadelphia, as well as the Rutgers and Jets football game.

While bothering many different human beings wearing different teams at both tailgates as well as the Marist tailgate last weekend my seven most common answers are listed below.

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This Week in News: 11/9 – 11/16

As we enter the middle of November, news has taken a turn for the worse across the world from Marist to Paris. This week in the Outside the Bubble category will first cover the disaster in Paris which was one of the worst attacks Paris has seen.

  1. ISIS claimed responsibility for the terrible attacks on Paris which were the worst Paris has seen since World War II. It was said that these ISIS members came to Europe as a part of the new procedures to help Syrian refugees leave Syria. Students from Marist College were planning trips to Paris this past weekend which ended up being cancelled because of the bombings.

Junior Victoria Malatesta put out a Facebook post saying, “To everyone who is concerned back home in the U.S., I am safe in Florence. I am not traveling to France this weekend as planned due to the horrible terror attacks that are occurring. Thoughts and prayers go out to the people of France and everyone affected.” Marist is affected by this attack across the world as well as the problems the campus experienced this weekend.

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What is going on at Marist?

The McCann Center is relatively empty at four o’clock this Wednesday evening with students sneaking in a quick workout. Tom D’antonio told me, “I look forward to working out at this time because the gym isn’t packed and I get to use any of the machines or free weights I need too at my own pace.”


The McCann center is always extremely packed from five o’clock on because most kids leave their three-thirty class and head straight to the gym. This in turn makes the cafeteria an unbearable mess at around six fifteen because not only do the “gym-rats,” leave to go get some quick protein but everyone leaves their five o’clock class as if to see how many kids can fit in the dining hall at once. The smart move made by Tom allowed him to skip the crowd at the gym as well as the night time rush of underclassmen at the dining hall.

Colin Thompson, the Most Interesting Man in the World

He doesn’t always go to college, but when he does he prefers balancing college and being a professional race car driver as well.

From Marist Freshman to Professional Race-Car driver, John Colin Thompson has had quite the impressive past couple of years. Thompson travels the world from both in and out of his racing season. In the past month of so Thompson has spent two weeks in Germany interacting with companies like Porsche and McLaren.

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Dr. Azar Nafisi speaks at Marist College

Dr. Azar Nafisi, the author of “Reading Lolita in Tehran,” spoke at Marist College as part of the First Year Seminar Lecture. Nafisi spoke to a packed McCann Center about the content of her book, which attending freshman read and wrote an essay on.

This year is the third annual First Year Seminar Lecture, Professor and Director of the First Year Seminar, Kevin Gaugler says that First Year Seminar “has been a great success overall and that faculty and student are engaged in a way fosters an essential set of skills for today’s world.” Gaugler organizes the lecture with the authors every fall as well as training the faculty to teach First Year Seminar 101.

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From Marist to the Pros, Where are they now?

Marist College has a unique history with former athletes making the jump to the professional level. As a particularly small Division One program, Marist doesn’t produce a high percentage of athletes to the major sports here in America. The most successful and talked about former Marist College athlete is Rik Smits, who was the second overall pick in the 1988 NBA Draft. Marist has come a long way since then producing a lot of athletes overseas and some currently making an impact in the National Football League.

Two former stand-out Men’s Basketball players, Adam Kemp and Chavaughn Lewis had the opportunity to play in the National Basketball Association’s summer league this past summer. Adam Kemp played for the Detroit Pistons, where the General Manger is former Marist men’s basketball head coach Jeff Bower. Chavaughn Lewis played for the Philadelphia 76ers where assistant coach Eugene Burroughs is a former Marist assistant. Lewis, who also had the chance to play for the Toronto Raptors this summer, is the all-time leading scorer for Marist College. Both Kemp and Lewis will be playing overseas this upcoming season, Kemp in Kazakhstan and Lewis in Lithuania for the BC Juventus team. Adam Kemp played his 2014-2015 season for a team in Macedonia and I was able to catch up with Kemp and Lewis about the summer league and their professional overseas careers as well.

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Johnson’s shifts focus as winter approaches

Johnson’s farmers market in Medford, New Jersey is hoping to keep up the summer weather and business as long as possible. Nearing the end of September the weather is starting to move away from sunny summer days and more towards chilly winter days. Over the past years Johnson’s farmers market has come up with different events coinciding with the weather not necessarily surrounding just crops and food. “Apple picking and Pumpkin picking tend to wrap up around the end of October and we switch to the more of the cold weather products,” said employee Jessica Deihm. Johnson’s turns away from apple and pumpkin picking to switch to products like popcorn, sweet potatoes, Broccoli, and Cauliflower.

Besides the crops, Johnson’s continues to have hayrides through the end of November which is extremely successful around the time of Halloween. “I bring my kids here every chance I can approaching Halloween to pick pumpkins and carve them for decoration,” said Bernadette Pastore. Johnson’s faces the tough winters of Southern New Jersey which have recently been much more harsh than normal. The events at the end of October begin to be geared towards Holiday motivated events such as the correlation of pumpkins to Halloween as well as haunted hay rides. In December, kids have a chance to meet with Santa, gingerbread man and cookie decorating as well as marshmallow roasting and a Christmas Light Show Hayride. Continue reading