Will Marist Students Stay “Up ’til Dawn” ?

Each year, the Student Government Association teams up with the Marist community to help end childhood cancer. The event, St. Jude’s Up ‘til Dawn, is sponsored by St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The event is held from 11:30 p.m. to 6 a.m., and includes a series of activities to keep participants awake and entertained throughout the night. All proceeds go towards finding a cure.

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Class of 2018 vs. Campus Parking

Being a senior who lives off campus, I was much less concerned this year about on-campus living than when I lived in Midrise my sophomore year. That is, until I found out late last semester that Marist proposed a rule that stated students must have 50 credits—a second semester sophomore at the earliest—to have a car on campus.

There’s been a significant reduction in the amount of parking spots at Marist due to the construction of the new science building and residence halls. This lead to a discussion of options by the senior administration of the college, at which the decision was made to raise the amount of credits needed to have a car on campus from 30 to 50.

In terms of the size of this campus, this decision is completely understandable. There is physically no room for the upperclassmen and underclassmen to park their cars. Regardless, my biggest concern was for the sophomores living in the townhouses. How are they supposed to get their groceries? Or do anything off campus? Why isn’t anyone else as concerned about this as I am?

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Shark sighting leads to Long Island beach evacuation

LONG ISLAND, N.Y.- “Jaws” became a real-life fear to Long Island beachgoers this summer.

Sharks had been seen just 15 feet away from Long Island’s South Shore beach Robertmoses late July. And the Islanders were not pleased. This past summer, temperatures had hit an average of 81 degrees. People from all over Long Island were going to the South Shore in an attempt to escape the heat.

“There’s an average of about 1500 people at the beach during the summer months,” says Robertmoses lifeguard (and surfer) Erin Hanrahan. She recalls the sighting in late July while she was on duty.

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