This week in news: 11/23-11/30

As the semester comes to an end, I think it’s safe to say that for many Marist students this past Thanksgiving “break” consisted of just us as much studying as it did eating. (Ok, maybe not THAT much studying.)

Whether your head was stuck in the books all week or you were in a food-induced-coma for a few days, you might have missed whats been going on in the world. Lucky for you, The Red Fox Report is here to catch you up with everything thats happened in the news this week.

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Marist professors after dark

I think we can all agree that Marist College has some amazing professors. Many have incredible background experience in their profession and an admirable way of teaching that can inspire students every day.

What many students don’t realize is that these professors who we have come know within the walls of Marist College are the same people who have unique talents and aspirations outside of being a professor at Marist.

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Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 tickets on sale now

Marist College Student Activities office is now selling tickets for the November 19th premiere of Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2. The tickets are only five dollars and include premiere passes as well as transportation to the theater at the Regal Galleria Mall and back.


“We have been really busy all day selling tickets to students,” said Hailey Kisseberth, a senior at Marist who works at the Student Activities office, “everybody is really excited to see the movie.”

Jonathan Ferris, a freshman at Marist, was very excited after purchasing his ticket. “I was afraid they were going to be sold out,” he said, “I am so happy that Marist has this, its such a great deal. Only $5.00 as opposed to the $11.00 at the theater that I would be spending.”


Hailey Kisseberth and Alan Desrochers showing off the Hunger Game tickets.

Alan Desrochers, a freshman who works at the Student Activities office, agreed that this is a great activity for students on campus. “We also sell general movie tickets for $5.00 that students can purchase at any time,” Desrochers explained. “The tickets don’t expire either. They can buy tickets here and then go over to theater whenever a movie comes out that they want to see, and just tell the people at Regal Cinema’s what they want to see.”

Take advantage of these opportunities and go buy your tickets now before they sell out!

Marist tailgates: support for the football team or solely a social aspect?

You may have noticed recently that on a Saturday afternoon, when the Marist College football team has a home game, the McCann parking lot has been packed with students. In fact, USA Today ranked Marist College as one of the top ten best small schools with big tailgating traditions.

On the outside, Marist College tailgates have all the ingredients of a successful tailgate: hundreds of Marist students sporting their school colors in the parking lot, people cooking delicious food on the grill, and of course, endless rounds of Beer Pong. There is only one thing missing… school spirit toward our sports teams.

Let’s face it. Many students go to the tailgates on Saturdays for the social aspect, not because they are excited to watch the game that follows. In fact, some students have admitted that they have attended tailgates in the past without even knowing what team Marist is playing; and sometimes, without any intention of going to the game at all.

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10 apple-inspired recipes from Marist students

Okay, Marist students. You’ve done your apple picking (we know this because of the endless stream of girls in flannels posing with apples on our Facebook newsfeeds.) Now what?

If you are starting to feel like you will never make a dent in those dozens of apples that you and your friends have complied over the past few weeks, fear no more. When Marist students were asked what their favorite apple-inspired food was, the results were mouthwatering.

Say goodbye to the traditional, boring apple pie you were considering making and hello to the following top ten, easy-to-make recipes, provided to you by your very own peers. These recipes will have you using up your apples in no time!

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FFE students open up about what it’s really like coming to Marist

One of the many things that make Marist’s Study Abroad Program stand out is the Freshman Florence Experience (FFE), in which students are offered the opportunity to spend their entire freshman year at the Marist-affiliated campus, Lorenzo de Medici, in Florence. An entire school year of delicious food, breathtaking views, and exploring one of the most beloved cities in Europe, what could go wrong?

The biggest issue amongst FFE students that seems to occur has nothing to do with their time in Florence, but rather, the reverse culture shock when they attend Marist for their sophomore year.

“Leaving Italy and having to adjust to Poughkeepsie was hard for us. You would think that the culture shock of going to Europe would be worse, but our group adapted so well,” said Morgan DeBaise, a current senior at Marist who participated in the FFE program. “Italy became our home, even the lifestyle became home to us.”

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Rain: a movie theater’s best friend

“The weather plays a very important role in our business.”

Not something you hear every day, but for Thomas O’Connell, manager of Showtime Cinemas in Newburgh, it certainly makes sense. O’Connell has been working as a manager at the theater for nearly four years, and says that over the course of his time working there, he has noticed that the weather has a direct iqmpact on the amount of ticket sales. “Rain is one of the biggest factors when it comes to how many people come to the movie theater,” O’Connell stated. “It gives people something to do, to get out them of the house for a few hours.”

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