Just Lock Your Doors

POUGHKEEPSIE N.Y.–  Right up the street from the campus of Marist College is a newly built suit style apartment building, “Fox Run at Fulton.” These apartment style suites are filled with mostly Marist students along with a few public residents. Although these apartments are filled with a majority of Marist students, it is considered off-campus living. Marist does rent out one floor in Fox Run for Marist students, because of a new building not being built on time for this semester.

Fox Run: Street View with Gate

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The Lab Lights That Don’t Turn Off.

Poughkeepsie NY– If you are on the Marist Campus anytime during the day or night you can see people diligently working in the Donnelly Labs. This is true, whether it is  3:00 am or 3:00 pm,  any day of the week or weekend. Who are they and what could they  be doing that late at night into the early morning? These Marist students are fashion design majors, working on projects designing their own clothes. Marist College has a very elite fashion department that is very difficult to get accepted into. There are two sides of fashion: Merchandising and Design. Merchandising is more of the communication and business side of fashion, while design is the sketching and creation  and making the clothes come to life. Continue reading

Impact Rising Gas Prices Have on College Students

POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y. –Over the past month, the southern parts of the United States, have been impacted greatly by two category five hurricanes. First came Hurricane Harvey, which hit Texas very hard especially Houston. A week later, Hurricane Irma, another category five hurricane, hit Florida around Miami. Residents in the Houston and Corpus Cristi area had to seek refuge in different areas such as stadiums and even furniture stores, while people in Florida were asked to evacuate the area a few days prior to Hurricane Irma. Even though the hurricane greatly affected those people in and living around those southern states, the hurricane also affects the lives of people everywhere around the United States in a different way; gas prices. Continue reading