Marist Athletics Strives to Reach the Student Body

Walk into any of Marist’s home sporting events and you will notice a lack of student support. Despite what the reason may be, Marist athletics is working interminably to fill the empty seats with energetic and enthusiastic students.

“When students show up it creates a great atmosphere. As the students get involved it forces the community members in the other sections to get involved as well,” said Andy Alongi. Alongi, Assistant Athletics Director for External Affairs, is in charge of all marketing and sponsorship efforts for the athletics department in support of all 23 Division 1 programs.

For years it has been an ongoing effort of the athletic department to effectively promote home games to the student body. They have tested out several different methods and continue to generate new ideas. The attendance has not reached where they would like it to be, but it is described as a work in process.

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Steel Plant Studios Presents: Topographic

Students of all majors gathered at Steel Plant Studios the evening of November 13th to admire the artistic talents of their classmates, Carly Stewart and Erin Kerbert. The two senior art majors transformed the lobby of Steel Plant Studios, home to Marist’s Department of Art and Art History, into an enlarged 3D version of a topographical map.

Carly Stewart and Erin Kerbert posing with their masterpiece.  Photo by Samantha Fusco

Carly Stewart and Erin Kerbert posing with their masterpiece.
Photo by Samantha Fusco

“I didn’t know what to expect when going to the exhibition. As Carly’s roommate, I knew she had been working on the project for weeks and spent several hours a day at the studio,” said Jaclyn Sanderson. “When I saw the final product, I was sincerely impressed. She truly displayed her artistic capabilities and it was clear that her hard work really paid off.”

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Marist dances to end dating violence

Marist students danced the afternoon away in efforts to put an end to dating violence. For the third year, the Purplethread and Marist Dance Ensemble joined together to make the dance-a-thon a success.

“Domestic violence is not something easy to talk about. Hosting the dance-a-thon every year is a fun and more comfortable way to bring light to a serious issue that college students need to be aware of,” said Meg O’Malley, Vice President of the Purplethread.  Continue reading

A freshman’s guide to a successful registration

Ask any upperclassmen on campus about registration and I guarantee you will hear a horror story or four. Registration day is one of the most dreaded days for students at Marist. It calls for a lot of planning, praying and usually ends with a lot of bribing.

Marist faculty and upperclassmen from a variety of majors offer freshmen some advice to help the process run as smoothly as possible.

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Nuisance Party Law hits home for Marist students

Marist students returned to campus this fall to find a new system in place. On August 6, 2014 the Town of Poughkeepsie passed the Nuisance Party Law. For students, this means that hosting or attending a party that grows to be considered a disturbance will now come with consequences.

Those who are being affected most by this new law are Marist upperclassmen with off-campus housing. Jaclyn Boccuzi, a Town of Poughkeepsie resident and Marist senior, was welcomed back to Marist with a $250 fine after hosting a small party.

“I didn’t realize how serious this law was going to be taken until now that I have a fine to pay and a court appearance to make,” said Boccuzi.

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Say Goodbye to “A Week At The Beach”

POUGHKEEPSIE, NY – As the weatherman begins to predict cooler temperatures, it is an indicator to us all that fall is near. It is time to pack away those favorite pair of shorts and throw the flip-flops to the back of the closet. Along with the reintroduction into fall fashion comes apple picking, pumpkin spiced lattes and stores filled with Halloween decorations.

A quick change of forecast is upon us from one week to the next as lows are now being predicted to dip down into the 40s. For restaurants and bars the change in weather means a complete makeover to the drink menu. It has come time to say goodbye to your beloved, refreshing summer cocktail topped off with the decorative umbrella and welcome the latest fall specials.

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