Donnelly renovations set to continue over winter break

Frequenters of Donnelly Hall were welcomed by a pleasant surprise as they arrived on campus for the 2016-17 academic year. The southeastern corridor of the 54-year-old building had been updated to match current construction standards on Marist’s campus in the form of a modern student lounge and completely renovated bathrooms.

And according to Marist Executive Vice President Geoffrey Brackett, there is much more to come, including a complete overhaul of the Donnelly Cafe over winter break.

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One more semester

Marist College seniors have yet another bittersweet milestone fast-approaching: in just over a week, they will be registering for classes for the final time.

Sure, it’ll be nice to know that this is the last time they’ll have to get up at the crack of dawn and cross their fingers that FoxNet doesn’t give out, only to have to run around campus to get override approval from four different faculty members regardless. But while they revel over the finality of this most-dreaded process, seniors will be reminded that they are one step closer to graduating – and that doesn’t exactly sit well for many of them. Continue reading

Hudson Heritage awaiting EIS approval

Anyone familiar with Poughkeepsie has some knowledge of the abandoned Hudson River State Hospital just north of Mid Hudson Plaza. The graffiti-laden high-rise that is most visible to passersby on Route 9, called the Clarence O. Cheney Building, is the subject of horror stories, ghost tales and speculation as to the kinds of squatters who live there.

But beyond the imposing 10-story building is an entire campus that has lied dormant for the better part of 13 years – and now, work is being done to bring life back to the 156-acre property.

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This Week In News: October 3rd-9th

This past week, the world’s most notable celebrity was the victim of an armed robbery, a little girl took to Twitter to show the world the hell she is living in and a ‘monster’ hurricane made landfall in the U.S.

This week in news:


Courtesy of CNN

1. Kim Kardashian robbed at gunpoint in Paris apartment

Highly-visible reality television star, Kim Kardashian West, may have been a bit too visible on social media this past weekend when she was overseas for Paris Fashion Week. Armed, masked men disguised as police officers entered the building in the early morning hours on Monday and forced the concierge to let them into Kardashian’s apartment. Continue reading

Former Marist Athletes Going Pro

POUGHKEEPSIE – With an undergraduate enrollment of about 5,500 students, Marist College is certainly not the first place professional scouts look for future major league athletes. But when standout defensive end Terence Fede became the first Marist football player to be drafted by an NFL team in 2014, the whole school felt a “sense of pride,” said Red Foxes head coach Jim Parady.

“It was so exciting,” Parady said. “For a smaller program like ours, you only have maybe 20-25 I-AA kids make it each year in the NFL. So for him to hear his name called on selection day was very exhilarating for everybody on this campus.”

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Extreme temperatures killing car batteries

POUGHKEEPSIE – The Hudson Valley went through quite the heat spell this past summer. There was a nine-day streak from July 21-29 in which the temperature breached 90 degrees, and in three separate instances, the barometer read 97.

It was the kind of temperature that caused plenty of headaches – broken air conditioners, dead plants/grass, and much more. And while the excruciating heat projects to just about be over for 2016, it won’t go without a fight; it’s causing one more issue – dead car batteries.

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