Marist College HuMarists: from preparing to performing

At the end of every academic semester, the Marist College HuMarists, the school’s official improv and sketch comedy group, perform their “Big Show” that they prepare and practice for throughout the months leading up to it. The club is the longest reigning student-ran organization on campus at over twenty-five years and counting. This semester the group’s main event show will be taking place on December 10th at 9:30 P.M. in the Nelly Golleti Theater on campus. Continue reading

What’s Going on at Marist College?

Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach, C.J. Lee, started his day off no differently than he normally would. The Red Foxes had practice from 12:45 – 3:15 on Wednesday afternoon. With only two days before the season and home opener the team has its sight set on Holy Cross. The practice was heavily focused on the way the Crusaders play. “We utilized our scout team by having them do a lot of what Holy Cross likes to do. We were trying our best to simulate the way the game will be played on Friday night,” Coach Lee said.

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Becoming a certified athletic trainer through Marist College

The Marist College athletic training program is one of the most time consuming and laborious majors a student can elect to study. The long-term goal for an athletic training student is to become a certified athletic trainer. However, receiving your bachelor’s degree in athletic training from Marist does not make you a certified athletic trainer. There are many steps, from being accepted into the program to working clinical rotations, that students in the field must go through before becoming certified.

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Hidden Gem: Emiliano’s Pizza

Located at 111 Main Street Poughkeepsie, New York is an old school, traditional style, award-winning pizzeria owned and managed by two brothers. Egidio and Emiliano Guerriero have run Emiliano’s Pizza for over twenty-one years and counting. Unfortunately for the Marist College Class of 2016, very few have ever eaten at Emiliano’s, and most have never even heard of its highly regarded pizza.

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Meet the new Coordinator of Intramural & Club Sports

Most people around the Marist College campus are unfamiliar with the exact number of students involved in intramural and club sports. But, Brandon James who was most recently appointed as the new Interim Coordinator of Club Sports, Intramurals, and Summer Camps is in charge of making sure these activities are running smoothly and successfully. However, with approximately a third of the entire Marist undergraduate program participating in at least one intramural sport, the position definitely has its challenges. Continue reading

This week in news: 10/5-10/12

As students at Marist College are seemingly finding more and more routine within their weekly schedules, the world around us continues to change and supply unpredictable yet impactful stories. Looking back over the past week, there have been major headlines in the news that have affected a lot of people all over the world. The course of our history can easily be altered in a single day. On this week’s Red Fox Report, Outside the Marist Bubble will take a look and recap the news of the world that has now become apart of our history.

  1. Major League Baseball Postseason underway

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As weather drops so do sales for Jefferson Valley’s long time deli

Mario Mancini, the longtime owner and manager of A&S Pork Store and Fine Foods, isn’t the only one who doesn’t cheer for the weather to turn cold. However, his reason is a little different than most.

During the dog days of summer and even during the warm months of spring, Mancini often finds himself working his busiest and longest hours of the year. The scheduled store hours are from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M, but when business is booming, the hours that Mancini finds himself at the store more closely resemble 8 A.M. to 7:30 P.M. The store is open seven days a week with Mancini rarely taking a day off.

“The weather unsurprisingly plays a role in our sales,” Mancini said. “When the weather is beautiful, the line seems to be out the door routinely.”

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