Marist Hockey: Why Marist?

There are a lot of reasons to choose Marist College for your education, but why for Hockey?

The hockey team is full of players majoring in all different subjects and areas, but they all have one thing in common and that is playing the game they love.

“We all get along very well. We are a family at the end of the day no matter what obstacles get thrown at us,” said junior Vincent Masters.

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Hidden Gem: Nic L Inn

Most Marist students will know the first exit on Route 9 South as the exit for Mahoney’s, River Station or the train station. What they won’t know is the restaurant half a mile before all of the above listed locations.

Opened on August 13, 2013 the Nic L Inn has been bringing a wonderful variety of food and wine over the past three years. Owners Nick and Lynette Deluccia, who used to have the exact same name in LaGrange, moved to Poughkeepsie because they saw a great opportunity with the location of the building. It is believed that the name of the restaurant is for their daughter Nicolette. They enjoyed being right on the Hudson River and they also came up with the idea of making the restaurant a wine cellar style. It is closed on Monday’s and is a lunch and dinner place for Tuesday through Sunday.

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Outside the bubble (October 24-30)

In news this week, the FBI reopened their investigation into the Hillary Clinton email probe, the Redskins and Bengals find themselves playing in London for week 8, the Supreme Court looks into a transgender bathroom case in Virginia, polls are getting closer as Clinton only holds a two point lead with just nine days before the election and autopsy results show that Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez had more than just alcohol in his system following his death.

Let’s take a look:


Credit to Daily Wire

1. With only nine days to go until the election, FBI Director James Comey announced the bureau decided to reopen the investigation regarding Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. The emails are reportedly involving Anthony Wiener and his sexting with a minor scandal. “We are reviewing these emails to determine if they contain classified information,” Comey said in the letter to Congress. It will be interesting to see if this new information ends up harming her campaign.

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Marist Poll during an election year and non election year

The Marist Poll is known as one the more recognized polls in the country, and is gaining more attention now more than ever with the election just around the corner.

The media partners associated with the poll, NBC News and Wall Street Journal, give information to the poll through their own polls.

“We like being partnered with these news outlets because it helps get the Marist name out there and releasing the data that our interviewers pick up off of calls,” Assistant Director of the Survey Center, Mike Conte said.

Conte is a supervisor of the coaches and interviewers at Marist Poll. He also helps decide which interviewers get promoted to coaches. What they do is oversee the interviewers to make sure that the calls are going smoothly and running appropriately.

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MCCTA students balancing academics with club responsibilities

There are many great clubs with so much variety here at Marist College. Some clubs may require a heavier workload than others, more specifically the Marist College Club of Theatre  Arts, also known as “MCCTA”.

In MCCTA, you must go to rehearsals and tech hours. Tech hours, for those who do not know, are dedicated to help building the sets and other backstage necessities.

“You need to complete eight hours if you are in one show and 10 hours if you are in two shows,” senior Curtis Brauner said.

“Jim Steinmeyer, who is in charge of the shop, and the Technical Directors of each show are really good about giving actors opportunities to complete tech hours throughout the semester, and require some mandatory work calls on weekends as well, another senior Mena Buscetto said.  “I am currently acting in ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ and directing our children’s theatre production of ‘Snow White and the Seven Fairy Godmothers’.”

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Do students choose class or outside activities?


Marist College has gotten hit with a heat wave as of late but it has made for some gorgeous days.

There have been some extremely hot days and some beautiful days but regardless of which it was, students are not looking to attend class with this kind of weather.

“Days like this one are not meant for going to class, they are for shooting hoops and having a good time outside,” senior Matt Parmett said.

Doug Cannon, another senior at Marist is also displeased with the fact of going to class with weather like this, he said he would much prefer “be on the turf duplicating Wayne Rooney’s skills than editing a bunch of athletic videos.”

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