Pro Shop in Shed Fits Your Hand to Bowling equipment​

Sheds and bowling you may think that they don’t go together, but for Jonathan Kalbfus it does. His pro shop is out of this own shed at his house in the Hudson Valley, instead of your typical bowling center.


Kalbfus (Left) and his fiancée Allison (Right)

Only in its first year of business, Kalbfus has started to change people game and how their hand fits into a bowling ball. Kalbfus has been drilling is own stuff for the past five years and decide to open his pro shop to spread the love he has for the sport of bowling and to make sure bowlers get their hand fitted adequately to make sure the bowler is comfortable bowling and not having any problems when bowling. 


“Opening my pro shop was out of the love of the game,” said Kalbfus “with my knowledge of the game I also want to better other bowlers game as well.”

Also, what makes this a unique pro shop is that it is not found in your typical bowling center with bowling balls and other bowling appliances. Kalbfus runs it right out of his house in a tiny shed that is just able to fit a rack for bowling balls, a drill press, a table and two people which is all he needs to get the job done. The pro shop he runs is named after is Underground Bowling Association name Jkizzle with the drop of the J Kizzle’s pro shop Is born.

“It is a unique situation unlike other pro shops I can be open all hours of the day when other pro shops are only open for a certain period,” said Kalbfus

Kalbfus threw his bowling career at one point was also on staff for one of the top bowling ball companies in the world.

pro shop photo 1

Kalbfus table where he layouts customers span on the ball

“For the past ten years I was a part of Storm bowling,” said Kalbfus “with having my pro shop I am available to throw any bowling ball from any company I want.” with being part of Storm bowling, he was only able to use bowling balls that were made by Storm.


Kalbfus has fixed many people game so far in the first year of his pro shop. One of those people was Tom Morgan.

Morgan was going to a different pro shop in the area, and it seemed that he couldn’t find a way to get his equipment to work. That was until he was referred to Kalbfus by Kalbfus teammate Matt Milkins.

“When I met Kalbfus he mentioned a few simple changes to my equipment,” said Morgan “this was a simple change of my pitches in my thumb, and after the change, there was admitted results after he drilled that first ball for me.”

After the changes, Morgan who bowls in two leagues has had a 290 game and 773 series on his Monday night team and on his Wednesday night team a 278 game and a 702 series.

But if you’re not a bowler and have fun with friends and you grab either that bright pink or orange ball for bowlers, there is a different science that goes into drilling a ball.


proshop photo 2

View of his table and drill press for when it comes time to drill the ball 

“There is lots of math with finding positive axis points and Vertical Axis Line (VAL)” said Kalbfus “this helps the bowler get the most out of their ball of choice and to get them the best shape that the bowler is looking for.” When it comes to lefty vs. righty drilling, the same rules apply because a ball laid out for a left-handed bowler will be far different from a right-handed bowler.


With running a pro shop out of his house, for now, the dream is still there for one day for Kalbfus to run his pro shop out of a bowling alley. “ I would love for one day to have my pro shop in a bowling center,” said Kalbfus “ but I will always keep my little shop at my house for my convenience.”


Manhattan College Professor Talks Self Driving Cars

Poughkeepsie, New York- In an ever-expanding technological world we have seen the rise up machines being able to do things all by themselves and this even more evident in cars.

With cars such as the Ford 2019 Escape, 2019 Focus, and 2019 Volkswagen GTI being already able to park themselves it raises the question are we close to self-driving cars? Well we aren’t anytime soon, and it’s because of one simple thing, and that’s because we need to think of is what are the ethics of Autonomous vehicles, and that’s what Heidi Furey talked about at Marist College this past week.

IMG_1427.jpegFurey a professor, a Professor of Philosophy at Manhattan College, came to Marist College on Feb. 7, 2019, to give a lecture on the Ethics of Autonomous Vehicles and talked about the many philological theory’s that goes into an autonomous vehicle. The simple method she used for her presentation was the trolley car theory.

If you never heard of this theory its straightforward theory to understand. Say there is a runaway trolley car and it’s about to kill five people but you had to option to pull a switch to put the trolley on a different path but it kills one person would you do It? In the case of moral action, you would make the sacrifice one’s life to save five, and that’s what most the room went with when Furey asked the question what you would choose?

Furey also explained some significant factors that might go into an autonomous vehicle “we might want to know whether a vehicle should swerve to avoid a tree or avoid a trash can” said Furey.
“We might also want to know how if it should merge into a faster lane on a busy highway or keep to the safer yet less efficient lane.”
Furey said that these factors are important but are also more complicated because they bring in unknown factors.

In the case of that, she gave two more trolley case theories to give too think about. The first one was the “Large Man“ case where if you had five people stuck on the tracks would you push a large man off a bridge to stop the trolley car to save the people what would this mean? “Perhaps numbers aren‘t the only morally relevant factor morally,“ said Furey. When it came time once again to approach the room to see what they did they would sacrifice the large man to save the peopleIMG_1429.jpeg

(Professor Furey talking to students at Marist College)

The last trolley case she used was also the most exciting theory out of that was discussed during the lecture. This trolley case was called the “Nearest and Dearest” Trolley Case. This case approached the same as the first theory five people are in danger of being killed you have the option to save them by flipping the trolley to a different track, but this time a loved one dies, in this case, Furey used the example your child what would you do? “ If you say you shouldn’t turn onto your child, then perhaps numbers aren’t all that matters relationships do too,” said Furey.

Autonomous car won’t be here anytime soon but the trolley cars theories discussed make for a compelling case and showed how much morality must go to a vehicle. If a situation were to break out in where the car needed to stop does it plow into the five people to stop it self-killing all five or does it crash into a brick wall ending itself while in the process killing its passenger or passengers?

What would you do in that situation?