The Morgan Center: Still Going the Extra Mile

LONG ISLAND, NY—The Morgan Center still continues to work wonders for children diagnosed with cancer.  If you don’t remember, The Morgan Center is the first ever pre-school for children with cancer in America. It is located on Long Island, New York, created and named after Morgan Zuch, a current sophomore at Marist College. When Zuch was just two and a half years old, she was diagnosed with Leukemia and because the chemotherapy was so strong, Zuch was not able to live life like a normal pre-school child. Unfortunately, this is the usual situation for children diagnosed with cancer and are undergoing chemotherapy. To make a long story short, The Morgan Center was started up shortly after Zuch finished chemotherapy and was declared free of cancer. This pre-school is specially designed for young children who went through exactly what Morgan had to go through, but gives them the closest chance they’ll ever get to having a normal childhood.  The pre-school was started by Zuch’s parents and is over the years growing to become an amazing organization.

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Ditching Spring Break For Manual Labor

POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y. — As a senior in college, spring break is one of the last times one is able to be free to let loose and have as much fun as possible with friends.  It consists of planning a vacation with a bunch of other recently 21-year-olds that have been by your side throughout your struggling college journey… but this is not the case for Victoria Cervone. Although she meets all of the details listed by being recently 21 and a senior at Marist College, she has decided to break away from the norm of a senior year spring break.  Instead, she will be using her time to build homes for complete strangers in Oklahoma with about 20 other students as a part of the Habitat for Humanity club on-campus.  Cervone is the Vice President and has been on the trip twice before. Continue reading

Netflix and… Learn?

It’s Thursday night, but you don’t want to go out and you have no homework due before the weekend. The perfect solution: watch a movie with your professors… yes, I said your professors.  Jeff Bass, Media and Production professor at Marist College, started the event Faculty Favorites in 2014 after a screening theatre was built into the Lowell Thomas Communications building.  Faculty Favorites is meant “to expand the film repertoire of students. I think it has a benefit for students and also I just think it’s a heck of a lot of fun” says Bass.

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The College Hurricane Experience

POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y. — No one in Florida was prepared for a storm as sudden and as harsh as this, hence why there was a call for a state evacuation.  This may have been somewhat of the norm for Florida natives who have witnessed the severity of tropical hurricanes before, but to a young girl from northern New Jersey with her family back home and all alone, it was overwhelming to say the least.  “This was the first time in the university’s history that campus has been evacuated… But the school took too long to cancel classes, making it hard for us to realize how serious Hurricane Irma actually was,” Elyse Waterman, junior at University of Miami studying Journalism, Photography, and Public Relations said.  This resulted in it being extremely difficult for Waterman to get a flight back home so last minute.  Continue reading