Science majors spend more time in Donnelly than home

With finals creeping up, it’s no question that students all around campus are going crazy trying to prepare. With the library always packed during this time of year when students finally realize it’s crunch time, you’ll find them in other locations. For science majors, however, the workload is nothing they aren’t used to.

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Marist swimmer Bethany Powhida excels both in and out of the pool

Bethany currently serves as the junior co-captain of the Marist swim team and holds the 100-yard backstroke school record. Photo Courtesy of Bethany Powhida

Bethany currently serves as the junior co-captain of the Marist swim team and holds the 100-yard backstroke school record.
Photo Courtesy of Bethany Powhida

As a Marist record-holder and co-captain in only her junior year, swimmer Bethany Powhida’s competitive drive and commitment has excelled her further with each stroke.

“Her attitude, willingness to change and tremendous work ethic” is what Head Coach Larry VanWagner says makes her “the exception, not the norm in swimming.”

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Friendsgiving: The do’s and don’ts of spending the holidays at a friend’s house

The holiday season is meant to spend time with family and to get away from school. It’s a known fact that majority of Marist students come from New Jersey, Long Island, upstate New York or Connecticut. While the bulk of us are fortunate enough to travel back home for Thanksgiving break, what about the rest of the student population who have a much longer trip home to places such as Hawaii, California, Michigan and Texas? It isn’t uncommon for friends or roommates to offer a place to stay and to spend the holidays.

Marist students have offered words of advice from their past experiences to those of you joining a friend’s family this holiday season.

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Behind the scenes look at what it takes to produce Bonnie & Clyde the musical

MCCTA, the Marist College Club of Theatre Arts, debuted its fall musical Bonnie & Clyde this past weekend. As smooth as it went, there was plenty of behind the scenes work to get to that point prior to opening night November 6.

“You don’t want to know,” was all Molly Judge and Kim Kenny had to say in terms of the hours they spent on the show each week, claiming they “basically live in the theater.”

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A look into a “hidden gem” of Marist campus: Steel Plant Studios

Perhaps one of the most underrated buildings belonging to the Marist campus includes easles, sculptures and photography. Home to some of Marist’s most artistic and creative minds is the Steel Plant Studios. Although secluded from other on-campus buildings, the Steel Plant, as well as the Art Department itself, deserves much credit.

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Marist student entrepreneur achieves much success with Bows by Rach

Inspiration can pop up when you least expect it. And with a little determination, you can accomplish anything.

This is what happened for Marist’s very own Rachel Colwell. After three years of working at Paradise, a Lilly Pulitzer shop in her hometown of Basking Ridge, N.J., Colwell developed a passion for fabrics and fashion. Colwell ordered Lilly Pulitzer bows off of Etsy but was disappointed with the results. Not only did she have to wait weeks for a simple six bows, they were poorly constructed and each bow cost $12. This was the moment that started it all. Continue reading

Hudson Valley farming weather nearly ideal

Apple-picking, hay rides and pumpkin-flavored everything season is upon us and the fall weather is perfect for outdoor activities, but how about for the crops?

Beach-goers experienced cooler weather this summer than they might have hoped for, but for crops the weather was close to perfect in the Hudson Valley region. Although the farming industry this season has experienced some damages to crops, losses were minor and manageable.

“Last year was almost ideal, this year was not as good but I wouldn’t say it was terrible,” said Mark Doyle, Business Manager of Fishkill Farms Apple Orchard.

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