A Walk Around Lowell Thomas takes a Film Twist

When walking around Lowell Thomas you never know who you will come across. I happened to come across two aspiring film directors that have been working on a short film for over a year and a half. They were simply just doing some editing for their upcoming film when I got a hold of them. It all started when Pat Mullen had an idea jump into his head one day. His idea then sprouted to friend, Alejandro Lazare, as they both collaborated on this short film.  The film is called The Forgotten.  A brief summary of the film without giving too much away goes a little like this:

The film starts off with a curious kid wanting to know what his dad did for a living. When he asks his mother about his dad she ends up spilling the beans. It starts a mysterious journey to an abandoned hospital where lies the truth that is waiting to be unfold….

Pat and Alejandro, who are film students at Marist College, were able to get in contact with a good friend of Pat’s dad whom was able to donate 5,000 dollars to their short film budget. Pat called him “an angel donor.” Over the summer they were able to get a hold of numerous actors from the NYC area that were interested in auditioning for their film. “We actually almost were able to get Uma Thurman, who is a family friend, but she had to back out last minute,” says Pat Mullen. “It would have been huge to get her in this film.” They began to film in September of this year and they just finished filming last month, November. They have already sent the film to an editor down in Florida and are awaiting for the completed project. So for now, they have been doing some Photoshop work for different scenes in the film. Pat and Alejandro look to do similar film projects like this in the near future.

Best Places to Study During Finals Week

With Finals week right around the corner, students are stressing about where they are going to get their work and studying done. Here are the top five best places (in no particular order) to study on campus:

  1. Quiet Dining Room Cafeteria

This quiet place to study is ideal if you love to snack while you study. Being in the cafeteria while studying is great because of the endless amount of food right at your reach. “I think it is one of my favorite places to study,” says Senior Bob

Quiet Dining Room in the Cafeteria.

Quiet Dining Room in the Cafeteria.

Tognetti. “I usually go there around 10 a.m, swipe in and I am there studying with my laptop until the late afternoon. I was there for 7 hours one time!” Bob also added that the cafeteria gets a little hectic during lunch and dinnertime but other than that it’s as quiet as the library.

So if you want to get your studies done while indulging in some delicious cafeteria food supplied by Sodexo, then the quiet room in the Cafeteria is the place you want to be during finals week.

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This Week in the News

As everyone was bundling up trying to keep warm on this early week in November there was some news that I’m sure you college students missed. This week’s news includes breaking stories on the downed Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 and Humankind’s first landing on a comet to a big upset in college football. News that will keep you updated on what you missed.

Investigation of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 begins

Wreckage of MH17.  Courtesy of NBC News.

Wreckage of MH17. Courtesy of NBC News.

This story dates back to this summer, July 17th, when a scheduled international passenger flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was presumed to have been shot down, killing all 283 passengers and 15 crew on board. The plane lost contact when it was about 30 miles from the Ukraine-Russian boarder and crashed near Torez in Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine, just 25 miles from the border over territory controlled by pro-Russian separatists. The tricky situation here is that this crash occurred at the wrong time. The plane crashed during the Battle in Shakhtarsk Raion, which is part of an on-going war in Donbass. According to American and German intelligence sources, the plane was shot down by the pro Russian separatists using a surface-to-air missile in territory in which they controlled. Continue reading

Head Games: Concussions in Football

“It was 3rd and long, I lined up at receiver for my first play of my collegiate career. My blood was pumping and my hands were shaking but I knew I was in the game for a reason. I ran a dig, which is a route that requires me to go into the teeth of defense. I turn my head and the ball is headed straight for me. Without hesitation I pluck it out of the air. When I open my eyes I was sitting on the bench and a trainer was shinning flashlight in my face. My first question to the trainer was, ‘Did I catch it’? She replied yes but for the life of me I couldn’t remember anything after lining up for the play. For me this was the first of many concussions that I would encounter in my days of playing football.”

Enter Joe Candarelli, a former Marist football player who’s shortened career is a first hand example of the impact of concussions. Continue reading

Hidden Gem: BurgerFi

The movement of “going green” and leaving as little carbon footprint as possible on the environment has taken the nation by storm. Businesses have tried to adopt this environmentally and ethically beneficial operating system in order to appeal to the public and develop solid reputations.

BurgerFi is a chain restaurant that generated out of the offices in Delray Beach, Florida.  BurgerFi prides their selves in their all natural Angus beef from cattle that are raised in the most stringent standards.  They also create an environment that you don’t typically see at your local burger joint.  Each store is built to be environmentally sustainable, earth friendly elements, and chairs that are made from recycled Coke bottles, tables made out of compressed recycled wood, and large fans that use 66% less electricity. Continue reading

Against All Odds: The Nick Pittito Story

Senior Defensive End Nick Pititto.  Courtesy of Marist Athletics

Senior Defensive End Nick Pititto. Courtesy of Marist Athletics

If there is anything history has shown us it’s that everybody loves an underdog story. There is nothing better than someone achieving the unthinkable and reaching their goal when the odds are against them. No matter what sport it is, walking-on to a Division 1 College sports team isn’t easy. Although none are easy, perhaps there is none more challenging then Division I college football.

It’s 6 a.m, he rolls out of bed, he looks outside his window, three feet of snow greets him as he opens his front door. “Damn! How am I going to get to my first practice?” He looks up with a stern face as if reliving the moment. “It was at that point I knew Alfred University wasn’t for me”. Continue reading

PO-cal Weather


Poughkeepsie, NY—The weather here in the lower Hudson Valley has been fairly average to say the least, although the past couple Saturdays have been rather wet.  Considering the rainfall in the Hudson Valley area was below average during the month of August, September is looking like it will be a wet one.  The rainy weather has had local Poughkeepsie residents stuck inside on a critical day during their weekend.

“I have noticed that there has been rain these past couple of weekends, which to be honest, has been great for my garden,” local resident Sandra Perez said.  “It’s a little bittersweet since the summer is coming to an end you want the last couple of weekends to be nice days before the cold weather begins,” she continues.  Sandra lives on Washington Street in the city of Poughkeepsie and also added that the rainy days have made her kids lazy on the weekend. Continue reading