Freezing weather arrives in Poughkeepsie

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The bitter cold has arrived a bit early in Poughkeepsie.

At around 5:19 p.m. on Nov. 25, the temperature was down to 31 degrees. One Marist student, seen drinking coffee on the main floor of the Hancock Center, thought she had a few more weeks of fall weather left.

“I can’t believe it’s this cold out already,” said Marist senior Ali Klaben. “I mean I know it’s almost December, but I don’t think anyone is ready for this kind of cold yet.”

Klaben, a native of Tully, N.Y. is no stranger to freezing temperatures, as her hometown, located in northern New York, often experiences harsh winter weather.

Nonetheless, it’s never easy adapting to the cold weather.

“It doesn’t really make it any easier,” she said. “I’ve lived there for a while now, but when the temperatures start to drop like this, there is nothing that will prepare you for it.”

“I’m sitting here procrastinating the walk back to my car, so no, I’m definitely not a fan of this.”

Adams Fairacre Farms thrives off customer friendly approach


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In 1919, Ralph A. Adams purchased 50 acres of farmland on Dutchess Turnpike in Poughkeepsie.

Ninety-four years later, that purchase still resonates throughout the Hudson Valley, as Adams Fairacre Farms has grown into four stores, as well as three side businesses.

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Marist College ski team finds camaraderie, success

The Marist College ski team has begun preparing for their 2014 season. And while this will be met with much less attention and anticipation than the Division I teams on the Poughkeepsie campus, the ski team has been one of the most successful teams at the school in recent years.

Last season, competing in the McBrine division of the United States Collegiate Ski and Snowboard Association (USCSA) as a club sport, the women’s and men’s squads finished first and second in their groups, respectively.

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Trending this week at #Marist: Oct. 21-28

1. Marist Football Improves to 4-1 in  Conference Play

The Red Foxes continued their solid play over the weekend, specifically on the defensive side of the ball, defeating Pioneer League opponent Stetson 27-0. Senior quarterback Chuckie Looney threw for 254 yards and added 127 yards on the ground. But the story this season has been Marist’s defense, which ranks 10th in the FCS in rushing defense, 9th in scoring defense, and 5th in sacks. Continue reading

Brian McCann, Braves turn bad situation into an even bigger mess

Baseball, in its distinction as America’s pastime, is a sport that has been played with a certain degree of respect for your opponent for over 100 years. It is a game watched with a unique mark of leisure, played by gentlemen who make some of the most physically difficult things in sport look effortless. There are a set of unwritten rules that help govern Major League Baseball and the way its players and coaches act in certain situations. These rules should be honored, but at what cost? And who is responsible for ensuring these rules are followed? Apparently, last month, for the second time in three weeks, the Atlanta Braves decided it was again their place to be the gatekeepers of these guidelines, and the act is getting old.

On September 25, on an 0-1 pitch in the top of the first inning, Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Carlos Gomez hit a long homerun to left center field off of Atlanta Braves pitcher Paul Maholm, and decided he would enjoy his time rounding the bases. After admiring his blast from the batter’s box, Gomez slowly trotted towards first base, jawing with both Maholm and first basemen Freddie Freeman. This stemmed from Maholm hitting Gomez with a pitch earlier in the season, which Gomez believed was intentional. As he rounded third base and approached home plate, Braves catcher Brian McCann stepped forward and blocked Gomez about 20 feet shy of home, and the benches proceeded to clear.

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Local shootings have Marist students’ attention

A memorial for McNair sits on the corner of Orchard and Washington

As Marist senior Matthew Vance walked towards the corner of Orchard Place and Washington Street on his way to Lola’s Café, he quickly sensed that something was out of the ordinary. What he saw was police vehicles, a crime scene unit and yellow caution tape, which cornered off an area of the sidewalk. This quickly revealed another instance of violence in the city of Poughkeepsie.

Vance, along with the rest of the city and Marist community, soon learned that this was indeed another shooting, this one fatal. Per the Poughkeepsie Journal, city resident Michael McNair, 32, was shot and killed on September 6 around 3:00 a.m. Perhaps the most alarming part for Marist students and their families was the location of the crime. The crime scene was only doors away from Lola’s, a popular lunch spot among students. A barber shop and one of the entrances to the Walkway Over the Hudson are also nearby. Vance and his housemate Jeff Matthews, who are Orchard Place residents, voiced their concern regarding the number of Marist students that live off-campus in that community.

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