Marist Men’s Basketball experiences game of a lifetime against top ranked Duke University

This past weekend the Marist College Men’s Basketball team started off their season in a big way, traveling down to Durham to take on the legendary Duke University Blue Devils in the famed Cameron Indoor Arena as part of the Hall of Fame Tip-Off Classic. Though some of the players tried to play it off as just a normal game, most simply just couldn’t contain their excitement.

“This is going to be a game we will certainly never forget,” said Marist senior forward Kentrall Brooks. “I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t totally pumped.”

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Alumni Weekend a Special Time of Joy and Reminiscence for the Marist Community


Alumni gathering around the Rotunda

Is there life after college? For all former Marist students, the answer would be yes. But when the opportunity comes around to relive the four primitive years of the college experience with all who made it so wonderful, life in the “real world” can be put on the backburner for just one weekend.

Marist College held their Alumni Weekend this past weekend, a three day event that welcomed back graduates ranging from the class of 2016 to the first graduate class of 1947. Returning alumni were welcomed back to the campus with a variety of activities and ceremonies which included class reunion celebrations, the annual Homecoming Football game, an alumni family picnic, and even tours of the campus with all of its alterations over the years.

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SPC looks to increase its audience through new and creative planning concepts

What exactly is there to do at Marist anyway?

This tends to be a question asked by many Marist College students, especially those in the freshman class still looking to find their way or fit in.

For many in this situation, the events planned by the Student Programming Council of Marist during welcome week helped these freshman get a nice start, but haven’t gained that much traction since that point.

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“September Senioritis” strikes Marist swiftly

What would you be if you stayed a college senior forever?

For many Marist College students, the answer to this question would probably be happier, less stressed, and more youthful. But staying a senior forever just won’t happen. This fear has caused an outbreak in “September Senioritis,” a combination of anxiety due to increased schoolwork, yearning for senior year festivities, and no grasp on the direction their life is going in post-graduation.  Continue reading

Starbucks fall flavors only cause slight “spice” up in business

Fall time in the Hudson Valley is upon us, which means a few things: more sweaters, more spontaneous hiking adventures, more foliage pictures on Instagram, and of course, more Pumpkin Spice Latte’s at Starbucks.

But don’t let the hype fool you, Pumpkin Spice and the other fall flavors offered are important for Starbucks chains around the globe, but in Starbucks locations such as the one right across the street from Marist College, fall flavors aren’t quite the “be-all, end-all” of business boosts. Continue reading