The James A. Cannavino Library a week before finals

As one might imagine, the James A. Cannavino Library is a busy place this time of year; it is the last week of classes, and the moment you walk inside you are guaranteed to see a familiar face. Whether it is the freshman who has put off all their work and is now cramming, or the business senior working on their 60-page capping assignment, all three floors are packed with a diverse range of subjects. Continue reading

The worlds of political science & journalism: More connected than you think

Advertising and Marketing. Psychology and Special Education. Fashion and Business. These are the combinations of study you most commonly encounter, especially here at Marist College. But a growing trend can be observed linking the concentrations of Political Science and Communication, with an emphasis on Journalism in particular, and it is not hard to see why – politics and journalism have long enjoyed a complimentary and interdependent relationship, and it is important to understand why a basic understanding of both can be beneficial to society. Continue reading

Shredding since 2011 – A look into Marist’s unique outlet for winter sports

With the ski and snowboarding season just around the corner, people from all across the country are gearing up to hit the slopes. Since 2011 there has been a club here at Marist that exclusively provides students with the unique opportunity to take weekly outings to Hunter Mountain here in New York, in addition to a larger trip to Vermont during the spring semester.  Continue reading

Marist and the Safe Ride shuttle – a perspective from both ends

For most students here at Marist College, the nightlife scene is centered around five key bars. For freshmen, it is easy to walk over to Donnelly and hop in one of the many cabs that are lined up and head to the watering hole of your choice. But for upperclassmen who are off campus or live on the other side of Route 9, there is another option: the Safe Ride shuttle, ferrying students from their residences to Mahoney’s, a popular weekend hangout for students throughout Poughkeepsie.

The one snag with the Safe Ride shuttles is that they are not permitted on campus – that’s right, students only have access to this option if they get picked up at a location that is not within Marist property. One might wonder why a seemingly safer, more convenient option is not allowable for on-campus residents, but John Gildard, Director of Safety and Security here at Marist, explained why the college has enacted this policy. Continue reading

This Week in the News (10/19 – 10/25)

It has been a riveting week in the news and here at the Red Fox Report we keep you up to date on some of the top headlines from around the world. This week saw a terrorist attack in Canada, a school shooting, the deaths of two prominent Americans, records set in the NFL, progress in North Korean-American diplomatic relations, and a beer heist. Continue reading

A day at the races – The weekend alter ego of Marist senior Dave Schneider

Ask most college students and they will tell you that their weekend alter egos are disheveled sweatpants-clad zombies who struggle to get out of bed at noon after a long night out. However, there is one student who does not take on this typical persona. He is awake before some of us are even home from the bar, racing suit and helmet in tow as he ventures off to a racetrack that on any given weekend could be anywhere from New Jersey to Maine. Continue reading

Rough winter ahead? Not so fast

Despite the fact that we did, in fact, have a cooler-than-average summer, there is no “record-shattering snowfall” in store for this winter, as reported by satire news site Empire News – at least not for now.

The same website that has published articles such as “V.P. Joe Biden Still Missing One Week After Initiating Game Of Hide-N-Seek At White House,” and “Tiger Woods To Announce Retirement From PGA Tour To Focus On Miniature Golf Career” duped many folks into believing that this winter onslaught was to begin as early as the end of September. Though the report went viral throughout social media, people soon caught on to the website’s bogus weather forecast. Continue reading