Honoring veterans around campus


On Friday, November 12 people around the country and more specifically the community at Marist College recognized and celebrated all those who have served us in the armed forces.

“What makes America great is the people and the good they can do when they come together,” said Captain Paul Rinn class of 1968 at Marist College.

Captain Paul X. Rinn, USN, was the first commanding officer of the USS Samuel B. Roberts and was in command when the ship struck a mine in the Persian Gulf on April 14, 1988. According to some of the other Veterans at the ceremony, Rinn is responsible for avoiding the sinking of the ship when it hit the mine. Continue reading

The transfer of power


“We want people to understand that the Brother’s transferred the college to an original group of people that they trusted,” said Brother Francis Kelly Director of Campus Ministry at Marist College.

In 1905 the history of Marist College began, when the Marist Brothers purchased the McPherson estate, which included 44-acres of land, then in 1908 the Beck estate was purchased, together the two purchases include the 110-acres that formed the main campus of what is now Marist College.  Continue reading

Interning: Poughkeepsie Versus NYC

After college applications the next most competitive aspect of college has to be applying for internships. Near or far, the process of filling out applications, hoping for a response, landing an interview and then getting the position is something college students have become all come too familiar with.

But for Marist College students finding an internship in Manhattan is not always the biggest challenge. Rather, managing the time and finances to make the commute during the school year can be the biggest challenge for a majority of students as it is much harder than it initially seems.

For anyone in Poughkeepsie going to New York City for work or internships the commute is a common one, considering all the opportunities available in such a large city. Unfortunately some college students do not have the time to travel to the city in order to attend an internship, which makes it all the more important to research whether or not Poughkeepsie offers any interning opportunities. Continue reading

Dr. Geoffrey Brackett builds a path to success



Taken at construction site on Marist College campus

For years now Marist College has been known for its grey stone buildings with red brick accents and the ever-evolving infrastructures on campus. Most students currently at Marist College would agree that the campus has changed significantly since their freshman year. From the major renovation of the Student Center, to the brand new dorms on North Campus and the science and allied health building across the way of Route 9.

Many of the recent construction has been done under the watchful eye of Dr. Geoffery L. Brackett, who serves as Executive Vice President of the school since August 2010. He has overseen projects around campus that include the Student Center, Lowell Thomas Communication Building, the McCann Arena and even the pedestrian walkway under Route 9. With so much construction constantly occurring, many students wonder how the school decides what gets renovated next. Luckily, Dr. Brackett was able to answer all these questions and even discuss some of the projects expected to be done this school year, and what freshman now can hope to expect by the time they graduate. Continue reading

The cultural diversity of one team


Photo of the 2016 tennis team, courtesy of head coach Tim Smith with his players.

When people think and hear of Marist College, diversity is not always the first aspect that comes to mind. But ever since Tim Smith started head coaching the men’s tennis team he has created a melting pot of sorts since the early 2000’s. It really is something unique to have one of the smallest sport teams have one of the most diverse population on campus.

Many times this fact goes unnoticed on campus, but that doesn’t bother any of the international student-players. Most are thrilled to be playing in the United States so close to one of the largest cities in the world. For some of the players this experience of attending college in the United States is their first time in the country ever.

Continue reading

Hitting through the heat

Despite the summer season coming to an end next week, it doesn’t seem like Mother Nature seems to care that in Poughkeepsie, NY, September 21 is the beginning oft he fall season. Changing leaf colors, cooler temperatures, pumpkin picking and all the other wonderful Hudson Valley perks occur during this time of the year. At Marist College, September is not usually as hot as the other summer month of the year, but students and staff and community members continue to prepare their days for nearly 90-degree weather and severe humidity.

For the tennis team at Marist College this means staying hydrated, keeping the rally of the tennis ball going and somewhat faking it until they make it to the end of practice. Or at least that’s what the coaches think they are doing to battle the unexpected heat during the third week of college. On such a hot day (nearly 15-degrees above average temperatures) for this time of year, the coaching staff had some tips to playing smart in such conditions. “Preparing before the day, hydrating in the morning before practice is necessary for a successful day,” said head coach Tim Smith. By the time players reach practice they need to have already been drinking water to battle the heat and sun. While the head coach worries about hydration the assistant coach Ron Lane discussed “making sure players take breaks ever 20-30 minutes after intense work outs.”Quick breaks throughout the practices can ensure that no one gets exhausted and keep seach session efficient enough to complete without any serious injuries.