In wake of Marist lockdown, five acts of terrorism you should know about this month so far

Superstitions are sometimes mocked, but this month on Friday the 13th, Marist implemented a lockdown on campus after receiving threatening posts from a Poughkeepsie teenager via an unknown twitter account at the time.

Skeptics’ fears of bad luck and catastrophe were alleviated for a bit, but became much more real after a string of organized terrorist attacks were carried out in Paris leaving 129 dead.

This makes us recognize how prevalent terror is in the world on both smaller-scales, like the lockdown at Marist, and larger-scales, like Paris. Here are only some of the numerous attacks that took place already this month.

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In the library: understanding geoengineering and the nitrogen cycle

Olivia Panno sits at the entrance on the main floor of the James A. Cannavino library and rummages through a stack of papers researching geoengineering, which concerns different methods of ameliorating climate change.

A senior, she takes a keen interest in sustainability and the environment, “The nitrogen cycle is so out of balance because of human activity that it is second to carbon in needing to be,” she pauses for a second before pensively articulating, “put back into balance.”

Just then a light goes off in Panno’s head; she exclaims in a whisper that artificial nitrogen can be made in laboratories and used as fertilizer.  She quickly shifts back to her laptop, which is decorated in stickers advocating for environmental friendliness, and includes in her paper the flash of insight she had moments ago.

Olivia Panno's laptop expresses her passion for environmental sustainability.

Olivia Panno’s laptop expresses her passion for environmental sustainability.

Geoengineering is primarily meant to revolve around the removal of carbon dioxide from the Earth’s atmosphere, yet because of the rising concerns of a nitrogen imbalance the field has recently expanded to improve the amount of nitrogen in the air.

The Fulbright U.S. Student Program at Marist

By: Kevin Lowenwirth

Poughkeepsie, N.Y. – Tuesday, October 13th marks the deadline for students submitting applications in hopes of participating in the Fulbright U.S. Student Program.

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September, October or November: Which Month has the best Wedding Weather?

Photo of wedding

Tarrytown, N.Y. – Autumn is commonly viewed as the refreshing transition between summer and winter.  It is also prime time for couples to transition between engagement and marriage.

If you look beyond autumn’s fallen leaves, crisp air and pumpkin spice lattes, you will notice a great deal of brides and grooms each hoping for beautiful weather to make their wedding days even more memorable.

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