Outside the Bubble: 12/2 – 12/10

The semester is almost over and that means students are scrambling to finish last minute research papers and presentations, while starting the grueling time of finals studying. Amidst all of the schoolwork, students may not be aware of what’s happening in the world. However, the Red Fox Report has the top news stories of the past week. With the #blacklivesmatter protests, the backlash over Rolling Stone’s article on the rape at UVA, a plane crash in Maryland, the release of the CIA torture report, updates on the Ebola outbreak and the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prizes, the world has been rattled. Continue reading

Lowell Thomas lounge buzzes with last-minute student projects

Walk through the ground floor lobby of Lowell Thomas and through the silence cuts the question: ‘how are you handling the Ebola outbreak on campus?’ No, there isn’t really an Ebola outbreak at Marist College, but rather a group of media students working to finish their final project before finals week.

Creating a news package for their Video Production class with Jeff Bass, students Dylan Gordon, Emily Crawley, Bridgette Franco and Kelly Curtin have turned the lobby of Lowell Thomas into their newsroom. Continue reading

Women’s rugby team makes it all the way to the elite eight

There aren’t many collegiate teams who can claim the honor of competing at a national level, let alone three times in five years. However, on Nov. 16, 2014, the Marist College Women’s Rugby team took the field as one of the elite eight teams in the country. Although the girls didn’t progress to the championship, they went further than they or the other teams imagined. Continue reading

Marist math students gain first hand experience through undergrad research

There’s more to the world of the math major than huge textbooks and equations that fill multiple pages. Beneath all of those sheets of paper are students who are gaining first hand field experiences and contributing to their field through undergraduate student research. Marist sophomore Emma Talis is one of those students, and she recently presented her research to Marist College on November 7.

This past summer, Talis spent eight weeks at the University of Nebraska –Lincoln working with four other students, two professor mentors and one graduate student mentor on a research project. Talis had just finished her freshman year making her the youngest of the group. Continue reading

Here’s what you need to know about Title IX in college

The fight for gender equality in education was technically won back in 1972 with the passing of Title IX. The law applies to these 10 aspects of the education system: access to higher education, athletics, career education, education for pregnant and parenting students, employment, learning environment, math and science, standardized testing and technology.

However, 42 years later, students and schools are still grappling with the integration and practice of it. In the past few years, though, there has been a federal push for colleges to reevaluate their adherence to Title IX. Starting in 2011 with the Dear Colleague Letter and followed by other federal mandates, the issue for gender equality, particularly sexual assault and violence, will culminate in November with the National Week of Action. To prepare for this, here is a guide to Title IX’s history, new policies and available resources for students.

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Marist alumna utilizes her fashion and sports education to create her FitzU clothing line

There comes a time in most college students’ lives, when they question whether that college degree and those classes will actually benefit them in the real world. For Marist alumna Rachele Fitz, though, the answer is a resounding yes.

Graduating with a degree in fashion design and a minor in fashion merchandising in 2010, Fitz split her Marist years between hours in the fashion lab and time on the court as a member of Marist’s women’s basketball team. Now, four years later, Fitz has combined her two great loves and launched her own women’s athletic clothing line: FitzU Design.

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Cooler weather is received warmly by local farmers

The recent cool weather across the Hudson Valley has been a welcome change to the blistering 90 degrees and humidity of last week. With temperatures finally returning to normalcy, the Hudson River Valley is gearing up for one of its major attractions: wineries and local farms.

Usually at this time of year, temperatures hover around 80 degrees, with the high being 78 degrees Fahrenheit and the low at 55 degrees at night. This week, though, the weather has taken a turn boasting temperatures that barely pass 70 degrees during the day and hang around 50 degrees at night, but that will all change this weekend as the temperatures approach back 80 degrees. Continue reading