Spilling the beans: Secret menus close to marist

Nursery rhymes don’t necessarily need to be for kids. Secrets being shared with everyone absolutely still applies today, and while I might not be uncovering any government conspiracies, I have the next best thing; food. Food is one of those things that is mutually understood in any friendship or relationship, but can also cause and solve problems. Food is also typically better when there is a solid variety to choose from. This is what makes “secret menus” at restaurants so fascinating. Not only do people love getting the inside scoop, they love food too.

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Marist students face real scare on Halloween

There was a carbon monoxide scare in Building A (also known as “New Gartland” to some) on Monday, October 31st. Though this may have frightened some people more than any clown running amuck, nobody was harmed, and the premises was safe and secure later that same day. Students were evacuated from their rooms at approximately 10:20 in the morning and although students had no idea when they would be allowed back in at the beginning of the evacuation, the process to secure the building took about four and a half hours and students were welcomed back into the building in between 2:20 and 3:00 in the afternoon depending on who you asked. Continue reading

Top 10 movies currently streaming at marist

For students who move off campus, there are a few things they all end up missing. Things such as an easy walk to class, not worrying about paying for utilities, and in some cases, laundry. All are factors when thinking about moving off campus, but theres one thing students often forget about that I find myself missing more and more. The access to Marist Movies. Marist has a great, and often overlooked selection of movies to choose from that only on-campus students with the wi-fi have access to.

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Why athletic diversity proves to be difficult

Last week, we had a great article written by Luca Balbo about the tennis team’s player diversity and how they cope with being in a new country and function as a team. Well, the article inspired me to dig just a little deeper and find out more about the international recruiting process. Marist College certainly likes to get their fair share of diversity. Students come from all over the country, states like California, Texas and Hawaii are just a few good examples. But when students come from other countries, and to play a sport, well that’s a whole different story.

For Pete Colaizzo, head coach and director of the men’s and women’s cross country and track program in his 26th year here, there are a ton of factors that go into recruiting and why they don’t recruit overseas. The first thing Coach Colaizzo mentioned, was “team size” and how the distribution of money and financial aid come into effect. “International students need a full ride” in order to attend schools in the United States, and it’s simply not in the budget. There are a lot of factors on each team, but the main one for the cross country team is the budget. Though it depends on the kind of family and country the student would be coming from, said student would need a lot of financial support that Coach Colaizzo is unfortunately unable to provide. Though it’s a number he didn’t share, Coach Colaizzo only gets a certain amount of scholarship money per year, and it simply isn’t worth taking a chance on spending all of that money on one guy from a foreign country. “It’s too high risk” because if the athlete turns out to under perform, that’s not only a lot of money down the drain, that’s also a lot of roster spots that could’ve been filled by other people too. Continue reading

A Mystery In Midrise

Everyone knows that the older you get, the better housing you get. Not just because of the singe rooms or kitchen appliances, but because of the heating and air conditioning as well. At Marist, none of the freshman dorms are air conditioned, so when the new freshman class was a little too big to fit into the strictly freshman dorms, they were forced to move into the big bad sophomore housing complex, “Midrise.” Some believe that Midrise is the lowest on the sophomore housing totem poll, but its more or less agreed upon that it’s a step up from any of the freshman dorms. That includes cooler air too.

Rumor has it, many of the freshman parents complained that the freshman on the fifth floor of Midrise were receiving air conditioning and that this was not fair to their kids who didn’t have a choice and were stuck in the heat. So, allegedly, housing shut off the air on the fifth floor where the freshman were.

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Too much heat in the Fox den

Autumn is often associated with many things. Things such as going back to school, football, sweatshirts in the brisk, cool air. But Summer is starting to look like a party guest who has over stayed it’s welcome. Just yesterday, September 13th, the temperature reached the high 80’s with a humidity that felt more like 90 degrees. Sweatshirts may have to stay in closets and as for athletics such as football, there have been some actual issues with Summer’s overdue departure.

Here in Poughkeepsie, NY, Marist holds many of it’s sporting events at Tenney Stadium with some well structured seating and a nice turf field. What people fail to realize, is that the turf at Tenney is actually 10-15 degrees hotter than an average grass field, according to head football coach Jim Parady. Coach Parady has been with the Red Foxes for twenty-four years, and says that the heat this year is caused preseason practices to be earlier in the morning, the days where they had double practices were less padded than usual, and some were even allowed to go back to their respective apartments for air conditioning. Coach Parady also spoke to how it impacts the games as well. Ice towels were offered on the sidelines, and they would only warm up a half hour before a game opposed to the typical hour before.

It doesn’t just effect football however, the soccer team plays on the same field. Senior Connor Shearer and junior Kevin Kappock said a new thing for them was applying sunscreen at practice. Practices have been a lot tougher to get through and “all you think about is that water break” Shearer said. Like football, when the field was physically too hot, they too would have to move around their practice times away from the heat of the day.

Jeff Carter, head athletic trainer and Coordinator of Sports Medicine spoke on actual health concerns saying that many players are experiencing fatigue and dehydration and the athletic trainers have had to provide more water than usual and treat heat illness. Not only do the athletic trainers have to treat the normal injuries that they’re used to seeing, but they’re dealing with players suffering from heat related illness as well. It impacts the trainers and players in different ways too due to the fluctuating practice times. Some teams are changing practice times, which will not only then interfere with their class schedules, but the regular schedules of the athletic trainers as well.

It seems one of the only teams unaffected by this weather however, is basketball. When speaking to senior captain Kentrall Brooks, he said practice has been totally fine. “We actually have more energy due to the nice weather.” But Brooks proceeded to chuckle when asked if they ever have to worry about practicing outside saying “no way, we’re always inside.”

It seems as if many people are being impacted by this heat, but a key factor is staying hydrated, and only active when the sun is not at it’s strongest. Here’s to Autumn!