The Other Marist Colleges Around the World

When I first applied and got accepted to Marist College four years ago, I had not heard much about what the school was like. Sure, I had heard of the renowned Marist Poll, and I was blown away by the beauty of the campus (and the antics of one Art Himmelberger at Accepted Students Day); however, I had heard little about what the campus was like, aside from a few scripted experts from tour guides. Of course, after I accepted my application to Marist, everyone seemed to know about Marist. “Oh, I have a friend who went there and loved it!” and “My son is currently enrolled, and he really fits in the campus,” are phrases I heard all too frequently. You can stop me if you have also experienced this phenomenom as well.

Imagine my surprise, then, to find out that Marist College in Poughkeepsie is not the only Marist College. And it is not the Florence campus I am talking about. Continue reading

New Women’s Basketball Rules Affect how Band, Dance, Cheer Units Operate

Last Thursday was the home opener for the Marist College Women’s Basketball regular season, but for those who attended that game, it could have just as equally been a completely different event that they were attending. It wasn’t because the team played unusually bad, or that the ambience was completely different with the band away to practice for an upcoming concert. No, it was something else that seemed off. Even if the fans could not put their finger on it, they would come to figure this curious sense of change in due time. Continue reading

Eat your Greens: Discovering Vegetarian Options at Marist

The dining hall at Marist College was packed as usual on a weekday evening, packed to the brim with students looking for a satisfying dinner meal. Many of them head for the main meal of the day, which on this particular day was the satisfying staple of chicken. Many others crowd around the grill, waiting for the perfect hamburger or hot dog to fill their ravenous stomachs.

As for myself, I ignored these two options, because I am a vegetarian at Marist.

Continue reading

New York Yankees favorite team at Marist, but Mets close behind

The falling leafs and the chilly air lets you know that you have reached October. October comes with it a magical time for fans of baseball. With both New York teams having had an opportunity to play in the October spotlight, it seems appropriate to determine where the allegiance of the Marist College student body lies. Continue reading