Blue Collar Red Foxes, The Men Behind the Women’s Team

Here at Marist College, the women’s basketball team is undoubtedly one of the most notable sports teams found on campus. The team is a traditional powerhouse, having reached the NCAA Basketball Tournament every year astoundingly since 2007. Now, while the members of the women’s team are generally recognized throughout campus, there are other contributing members, whose names may be less recognizable.

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Chiropractor To Potentially Join Marist Athletic Training Staff

Back, neck, and joint pain is a very common injury in all athletics as well as society in general. Here at Marist, while we have a very well established athletic training staff and facility, chiropractic treatment is something that has been missing. Recently, discussion of chiropractic trainers joining the Marist athletic training staff has surfaced. This addition is something that would greatly upgrade the pre-existing capabilities of the athletic training staff and would definitely satisfy a number of Marist athletes who continue to endure back, neck, and joint pain throughout their collegiate playing days.

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#Marist: Trends for the Week of November 4th – November 11th

1. Marist Women’s Home Opener vs. Kentucky

On Friday, November 8th, Marist Women’s Basketball team took on the number 7 ranked Kentucky Wildcats in their first game of the season. The McCann Arena sold out and was completely packed, but the Red Foxes fell to Kentucky, 75-61.

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Marist Considers Updated Campus Plan, Including 400 Meter Track

Recently, Marist College has considered updating the campus wide master plan in order to accommodate the growing needs of the Marist population as well as one sports program in particular. The changes made to the plan are expected to include the construction of new housing in order to accommodate the growing population here at Marist, as the number of incoming freshman seems to multiply every year. In addition, the updated plan would include the building of a 400 meter track complex, addressing the obvious needs of the track and field program. For many years, Marist’s track and field program has managed to function and compete at a Division I level though an actual track or running complex cannot be found on Marist College’s beautiful campus. The updates made to the master plan have yet to be confirmed and are far from definite, but the coaches and members of the track and field program are certainly hoping for the best in regards to the possible construction.

Potential location for 400 meter track at North end of campus.

Potential location for 400 meter track at North end of campus.

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Lola’s Cafe Offers Unique Cuisine for Marist Students

Every year hundreds of new students join the Marist community, flooding the cafeteria, local pizza shops, fast food restaurants, and diners. What most students may not realize is that they have an award-winning café just down the road from campus. This hidden gem is known as Lola’s Café and Gourmet Catering and is an outstanding establishment that many Marist students may be missing out on. Known throughout the Mid-Hudson Valley for its catering services and its exceptional café menu, Lola’s offers a variety of gourmet meals that keep nearly every one of their customers coming back throughout their time at Marist College and the Hudson Valley.

The entrance to Lola's Cafe & Gourmet Catering on Washington Ave.

The entrance to Lola’s Cafe & Gourmet Catering on Washington Ave.

Lola’s Café is a great spot for any Marist student or local resident looking for a unique, quality meal at a reasonable price.  The premium food and price lends Marist students a break from the cafeteria or just the everyday grind of being a college student. Lola’s offers a wide variety of meals ranging from exotic salads and wraps to sandwiches, burgers, soups, and seafood. What really sets Lola’s apart from its competitors is how unique the menu is. The combination of quality ingredients offered within every meal is something that you don’t commonly find for such a price. As one employee mentions, Lola’s offers a Tilapia sandwich with Panko crusted tilapia with herb salsa, sweet onion jam, and sriracha mayo on grilled French bread. Of course, Lola’s offers more traditional options as well, including its Buffalo Chicken salad, Turkey Club wrap, and Philly Cheese Steak, but for the most part each menu item is a variety of uncommon ingredients which come together for a truly phenomenal tasting meal.

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‘Sky is the Limit’ for Marist & ESPN’s Radio Show, The Classroom


Hosts of The Classroom, Keith Strudler and Geoff Brault.

Marist College has recently become a proud affiliate with ESPN Radio in their radio collaboration known as “The Classroom”. This collaboration marks the nation’s first ever radio show featuring a partnership between an ESPN Radio associate and an academic center. “The Classroom” debuted on Saturday, September 21st, at 10 a.m. before a live studio audience, as well as over the airwaves of 1220 ESPN Radio (97.3FM Poughkeepsie).

The process of forming this collaboration began earlier this year when ESPN’s New York City affiliate switched from an AM to an FM station, allowing open air space for a local ESPN radio station intended for Hudson Valley listeners. Fox Broadcasting and their market manager, Bob DeFelice jumped at this opportunity and launched ESPN programming on 1220AM/97.3FM radio channel in April. Months later, Bob DeFelice ran into Marist College’s own Geoff Brault at a community event where the two had a conversation about the possibilities of local programming over the Hudson Valley station. Geoff Brault, professor and voice of many of Marist’s sports as the play by play broadcaster, mentioned to Defelice Marist’s growingly accredited Sport’s Communications Program and Center.

“He [Geoff] mentioned his connection with Marist Play-by-Play and Marist College’s Sports Communications Center/Program and I said how cool would it be if we could get the students involved in creating something, whether it was a talk show or sports reports. Geoff set up a coffee with Dr. Strudler [Director of Marist College Center for Sports Communication] and the rest as they say, was history!”

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