Marist’s Ethical Fashion Initiative Club, Changing the World One Garment at a Time.

As of 2017 The Business of Fashion has ranked Marist Fashion Program as 38th globally in their annual ranking of fashion schools, but how much are these students learning about the ethical aspect of fashion.  In 2016, alumni Rebekkah Coclasure started her senior year of college with one goal in mind, to startup the Ethical Fashion Initiative Club.  By the end of her senior year she had succeeded, but has anyone stopped to wonder where are they now?  With that stood other looming questions, what have they done for ethical fashion and where are they headed for the future? Continue reading

A Song, A Dance, but No Show Plan?

POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y.—Two months into the fall semester, the Marist College Theater Program continues to have a murky future regarding their spring musical. They have changed their musical of choice twice, from West Side Story to The King and I.  The original choice for the Spring Musical 2018 slot had been Fiddler on the Roof, but had to be changed on account of losing the rights with the show currently touring.  From there the program went in the West Side Story direction, a decision that was later changed to the current show The King and I, and an update as of October 17, 2017 at 10:00 am it was announced that the musical is will not be

Director of the Theater Program, as well as Director of the Spring Musical, Matt Andrews, was available for commentary on the previous show choice for the spring, the main focus being the Golden Era musical.

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Students with Roots in Puerto Rico Worry from Afar

Tragedy has struck the island of Puerto Rico, and the damage only seems to be building.  But the heartache doesn’t stop at the island, several Marist students with family still on the island are worried and awaiting responses from their loved ones.  From a personal standpoint, both of my parents grew up on the island, and the majority of their family is still there.  The most painful part is the waiting.  Waiting to see if they are okay, what the damages are if they have enough to provide for themselves until provisions can be sent over, whether they’ll stay in their homes or go visit family they may have anywhere else. Continue reading

To Drive or Not to Drive

POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y. – While people all through Florida state have been forced to evacuate their homes and find shelter anywhere else, for Marist senior Luke Langston he was thinking about going right into the eye of the storm.  Already far away from the danger but fearing for the safety of his home, the temptation to make the drive all the way from Poughkeepsie, New York back down to Miami, Florida lingered in his mind.  With their house on a marina there was increased fear that the water would rise and damage their home, so they needed to act fast. With no relatives near their Miami home, Langston’s brother at school and parents out of the country, he looked to his family to see if he should make the drive.  After a conversation with his mother the decision to drive down was nixed and they decided to call a team to secure the interior of their home, as well as the boat on their dock of the marina.

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