How to make yourself a better job candidate

With less than 200 days until graduation, seniors at Marist College must begin to prepare for the real world. For those graduating a semester early this December, that time is much shorter. It’s tough in all fields when it comes to finding job opportunities, but there are ways to set yourself apart from the rest of the competition.

Here are five tips that several students agreed on to help fellow students entering the workplace and how to make themselves a positive applicant for a job opportunity. Continue reading

The importance of dieting to Marist athletes

Marist College has over 20 varsity sports teams on campus along with several club teams as well. With the variety of sports that Marist has to offer, there seems to be a difference in how each team handles their diet to stay in shape for their specific sport. Players from several Marist sports gave their insight and experience with dieting on their respective Marist team and how they may differ from those of other teams.

Members from Marist baseball team, club hockey team, and women’s swimming and diving team have strong opinions about how athletes should handle their dieting methods if they want to be healthy and in shape for their team. Continue reading

Which capping course at Marist is the most stressful and difficult?


The capping course at Marist College is where students put together all that they have learned in their previous classes. This class is required to graduate and can take a serious toll on students throughout the school.

Whether it’s writing a 25 page paper for communications or 100 pages in business, students still have other classes on their plate along with this intimidating course. Each student handles capping in their own way. However, some students believe that they are worse off than others. Who really does have the most demanding course? Continue reading

Marist looks a little different for Parents’ Weekend…

The Marist green in the center of campus has been used to study, relax or even just use as Marist beach; however, on one weekend a year it is used for much more than that.

Parents’ weekend took place this weekend September 30 and October 1. Families of students from all over the country, and even other countries, come to the campus in Poughkeepsie, NY to visit. Marist College was full of people throughout the two days most likely because of all the events that Marist has to offer for students and their families.

For this particular parents’ weekend, Marist brought in rock climbing, a trampoline and a petting zoo to put on the green this year along with a minor barbecue. It does sounds great, but many parents, and even some freshman, may get the idea that this type of weekend is the norm for Marist College. For the people who do think that, they would be mistaken. Marist’s campus does not have all these attractions, events or amount of people on its campus on a typical weekend. Continue reading

Mid-Hudson Civic Center Heating Up

The Marist College club hockey team usually plays their home games at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie. However, last month, there has been an issue which has prevented the hockey team from being able to have their home games there this weekend. “Our ice cooler broke down last month and we haven’t been able to fix it within the last couple of weeks so there is no ice,” Sal Manteria, rink manager of the Civic Center, said. Without proper ice conditions, the Red Foxes have had to make changes to their schedule. The team will play their two weekend home games in Newburgh rather than in their usually location Poughkeepsie.
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Red Foxes battle with heat wave


Tenney Stadium prior to practice


The Marist Football team has begun its season on a tough note with two losses so far to the University of Georgetown and Bucknell University. This week the Red Foxes are preparing to take on Sacred Heart in their first away game of the season. However, this week’s practice has been strenuous due to the heat wave hitting the area.

According to, the average high temperature in the Poughkeepsie area has been 90 degrees for the past seven days. “It’s been tough on all of us, we’ve had to take a lot of extra water breaks in order to deal with how hot it as been,” junior quarterback Anthony Francis said. The coaching staff has had to take notice of the serious heat and take it into account as well. “Coach has taken it somewhat easier on us because he knows we can’t be burnt out for the game on Saturday,” senior offensive lineman Ryan Schneider said. Staying healthy and being aware of this heat wave has been a necessity for these players throughout this week of practice. “You’ve got to know your limits; if you feel it affecting you too much you need to get off to the side and get water to stay hydrated and in good form,” junior offensive lineman Seamus Ryan said.
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