Busniess Majors Stress Over Workload

The James A. Cannavino library is packed with students stressing over their upcoming workload during the upcoming finals week, but business majors have a paper that trumps the length of anything they have ever done before.

“I’m done with 40 out of the 60 pages,” said business major Bridget Frank. “Everyone is super stressed right now about this business capping paper and presenting it within the next week.”

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Most Marist Eateries Affected By Student Absence

Most Marist College affiliated restaurants and eateries that thrive during the school year will be greatly affected by the absence of the student body, while one in particular will greatly thrive during the upcoming winter break.

Significantly visited eateries and restaurants around the Poughkeepsie area by Marist College students include places like Campus Deli, Red Fox Eatery, Pleasant Ridge, and Rossi’s Rosticceria. All of these places will have their revenue greatly affected by the absence of the student body during winter break, except for Rossi’s. Rossi’s has deeply rooted itself into the Poughkeepsie and Hudson Valley region so significantly that they have been able to thrive during the times that the students are not at school during the extensive winter break.

red fox eatery

Red Fox Eatery is located directly across from the Marist College campus, on the other side of Route 9. It is a family owned restaurant that specializes in making sandwiches, paninis, wraps, and burgers. Recently, they have added Korean food to the menu as a dinner option. Owner of Red Fox Eatery, Steven Lee, closes the restaurant for all of winter break. He says, “We have the same schedule as the students do during the school year. When they are off, we close. We make no revenue during the month off for winter break.” Continue reading

Moore Than Just an Athlete

In the wake of a disappointing season fCaylin 1or Marist’s football team, there is still one light that shines bright. Caylin Moore surpassed the odds of growing up with family and domestic problems in Los Angeles, CA to become a recipient of the Fulbright Award Scholarship and do something that no other Marist undergraduate student has ever done.

His past may be dark and scary, but his future is bright. Moore has beaten the odds of getting off the tough streets of Los Angeles, and going to a prestigious college. With a football scholarship, he majors in business with a degree in economics. At first glance, everything might seem smooth and joyful for Moore on the outside, but what his past holds is anything but that. People who don’t know what he has been through might think he’s your typical student athlete, but the obstacles he’s had to face will change anyone’s perspective on him completely. “Caylin has been through a lot and he is a soldier,” Jim Parady, coach of the Marist football team said. Parady said how he really researched Moore and recruited him for being a great athlete, and most importantly, a good human being. Continue reading

Seven Ways to Avoid Disease This Winter

Your Mother was right, wash your hands!
Hand washing is the first line of defense when trying to prevent disease. Your hands carry a plethora of germs from you touching objects that other people have come in contact with. Then, by wiping your eyes, nose, or mouth, the germs spread into your body. Regular hand washing, particularly before and after activities, is one of the best ways to remove germs and prevents the spread of germs to others.

The over-usage of Purell is not good.
Purell is a good way to keep your hands clean until you find a bathroom to wash your hands. Just using Purell though is not as effective as most people may think. Continue reading

Successful Alumni Weekend Leaves Out Students

The Marist campus was packed this weekend with a plethora of current and past students, with a wide range of age, status, and background. But, there seemed to be a lack of current student interaction with the alumni. Many students on campus have not heard much information on the events to take place during alumni weekend. The only big event that people were aware of was the big rivalry football game at Tenney Stadium between Marist and Dayton. Some research was done, and to get informed about these events that were taking place, Donna from the Alumni Office directed people to the MaristConnect website to view the information. There seemed to be the same reaction among students about not knowing what planned events are taking place for homecoming weekend. “I would never think to go to the MaristConnect website to see what types of events were going on,” said sophomore Leon Cummings when walking through campus. “I think there should have been more information accessible to the current students. I would have liked to have some previous knowledge about where to go to meet alumni.” Continue reading

The winter parking disaster of 2014

The winter of 2013-2014 was one of the harshest in recent memories. For those who live on Delano St. in Poughkeepsie, NY, it was a mere disaster.

The one way side-street, off of Delafield Ave, serves as a residence area for no more than 3 houses and 8 apartment complexes. With the only parking lot being a locked up, abandoned school lot, the residents were forced to all park on one side of the street, in accordance with the town laws. Since the parking is scarce, the residents of this block were at their boiling point during last year’s winter season. Continue reading