The holiday rush at the cafeteria

“But which one should I get?”, said senior Matthew Hopkins as he perused the sushi menu at the cafeteria at Marist College on Monday night. Hopkins and his three companions had just arrived at the cafeteria for what hopefully will be one of their last visits. After going through a semester where he neglected his cafeteria swipes, Hopkins is left with the challenge of finishing his final 11 swipes in less than two weeks. “I work two days a week and live on the other side of the campus so it was really hard to get over here and use my swipes,” said the discouraged Hopkins, who swiped his friends in to reduce his swipe amount to 8.


Matthew Hopkins and Justin Hermann about to enjoy their meal.


Despite the pressure of taking full advantage of his meal plan, the cheerful atmosphere of the holiday themed decorations in the cafeteria  made the group’s eating experience very enjoyable. “You think that tree is real?” said Zach Modelski as he motioned to the tree in the middle of the cafeteria that is colorfully lit with Christmas lights. “What tree?” said Tyler Schwarz as he frantically looked around for the thematic tree. “Oh that one? Definitely not.” Schwarz said dismissively.


The colorful Christmas tree added a wonderful ambiance to the atmosphere.


The four companions enjoyed a mixed, large meal  of honey ham, potatoes, salad, wraps, sushi, and sandwiches (a seemingly standard collegiate meal). Group meals like this in cafeteria are hard to do as seniors, they’re much more common among freshmen. Regardless, the four were able to get together for one of their final times to eat in the cafeteria. “As a freshman it was easy to get together and hit the cafeteria as a group since we were always right there. Now it’s harder to get together but my friends always come running when I tell them that I’ll swipe him into the cafeteria.” concluded Hopkins. As the group put away their dishes a man dressed in a shirt and tie began to play Christmas songs on his trombone, closing out a great session at the cafeteria.

A retelling of the rise & fall of men’s basketball

Marist vs. Wagner, 1986 (courtesy  of Marist Athletic Department)

Marist vs. Wagner, 1986 (courtesy of Marist Athletic Department)

When Marist first successfully transitioned their sports programs to the Division I level in 1981, total student enrollment hovered around 2,000 students, the then-McCann Center was four years old, and a young executive named Dennis Murray prepared himself to begin his third year as President of the up and coming college. Yet of the many sports teams the Marist Athletic Department prepared in response to the new competitive landscape, a focus was placed on the men’s basketball program.

In order to actively contend for the championship in what was then a very competitive league, the Marist men’s basketball coaching staff had to become creative in their pursuit for talent. Led by head coach Mike Perry, the coaching staff was one of the first college programs in NCAA history to recruit international players. By the 1984 season, the roster featured six players who were not American.

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Recruitment cap slows sorority growth

Earlier this fall a recruitment cap was placed on the two largest Greek organizations at Marist. Both Sigma Sigma Sigma (ΣΣΣ) and Kappa Kappa Gamma (ΚΚΓ) were unable to recruit members for their respective sororities this fall, which has stifled their membership expansion.

“A mix between too many female students interested in joining and not enough physical space here at Marist has made it impossible for us to hold recruitment this fall,” says the President of Kappa Kappa Gamma Lauren Garner. “According to the National PanHellenic Committee, the cap for Marist’s size is 75 and we have about 85 members, so we simply could not recruit anymore.”

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Seniors enjoy an evening of craft beer tasting

In the framework of alcohol drinking related activities on campus at Marist College, there seems to be a hierarchy of sorts. Of course at the top you have the pinnacle, Riverfest, an event aimed at providing upperclassmen of drinking age with a scenic day of social drinking, and at the bottom you have the quiet, seemingly passive aggressive, freshman pre-games scattered throughout Champ, Leo, Marian, and Sheahan (well maybe not Sheahan…). Yet besides for the often underrated wine drinking at the art gallery openings, what lies in the middle? What event provides students with the perfect amount of casual drinking fun? Enter the Senior Class Annual Beer Tasting. Continue reading

A student’s guide to understanding the Islamic State

While the Islamic State, Iraq, and Syria may be on the complete opposite side of the world, in light of the dedication to the ‘global community of the 21st century’ here at Marist College and recent national security concerns within an hour and a half from the Marist College campus, it’s important for  students to understand international forces at work. So, without further to do, below you will find a simplified guide to what the Islamic State is, what the Islamic State wants, and why you should care explained by two members of the Political Science department here at Marist College, and myself.

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Big data analytics met with skepticism & hope

Late last month Marist College was featured in The Wall Street Journal for its development and usage of data software that utilizes predictive analytics to calculate if a student will fail within the first three weeks of a semester. As of now the analytic software, which was developed under the leadership of CIO Bill Thirsk and the School of Computer Science & Mathematics, is implemented only in the School of Management’s 100% Online Master of Public Administration program but Thirsk notes that this program will expand to more academic schools in the future. While this technological innovation provided Marist with a little media prestige, the implications of data insight leaves students and faculty questioning the shift to what may be perceived as a colder, more impersonal academic technique.

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Seasonal weather shifts affect college lifestyle

As the dog days of summer fade into the crisp ambiance of autumn, we are once again reminded that pleasant weather comes and goes in what seems like a blink of an eye. Here at Marist College, the region is already showing signs of seasonal decay as the daily average temperature begins to gradually decrease. Despite this slow decline in temperature, the sentiment among many students around campus is that they are experiencing a sudden change in seasons. Like all things, the change in season affects almost every facet of college and as such some students are more opinionated than others when reacting to the changes. Continue reading