Thanksgiving Abroad: How do they celebrate?

In the Rotunda of Marist College are national flags, which represent each of the school’s Study Abroad programs.

Thanksgiving is traditionally a holiday celebrated only in the United States and Canada.

But what about the Marist students who choose to Study Abroad for the fall semester? Do they miss Thanksgiving altogether?

Not necessarily, but it all depends on what they choose to do for it.

Every semester, many students at Marist College chose to study abroad; they pick a different country to attend school for half a year. Some pick places as far from Marist as Australia, while others pick ones just a little closer, such as England, Germany, or Italy.

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Possible New Housing Project?


One of the last remaining images I could find from the pictures of a housing project idea for Marist College. Pictures were created by This screenshot was taken by myself.

This single, not so great quality, screenshot from my iPhone, is all that is left of what the Marist College community was talking about for the past couple of weeks.

There was a architecture company, Iron Architect, that made a design for a new housing project for Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY. The design was to build over the existing area that is home to the Fontaine Annex. It would eliminate that area, as well as most of the parking on that side of campus, and build grand dormitories. But now, it’s just a thing people were talking about that has no actual backing. Many people thought that this design was the one he school would use, however, that is not the case.

Greg Cannon, the Chief Public Affairs officer at Marist College, tweeted about this picture as well as others that are no longer on the web.

Bryan Terry, a Marist alum, and one of the many people shocked by the pictures of the possible building, said “It’s long been discussed that they were going to do something about Gartland. But this…THIS.” He’s not the only one impressed by these ideas. Everyone on campus has been talking about it for the past two weeks; it’s been all over social media as well.

There are many people wondering when a design will come forth as the actual one, now that this one is “not being considered.” Everyone knows on campus it’s not a matter of if, but when will the new housing project begin? There have been many projects going on at Marist, most notably is the new Student Center/Music Building. It’s something the school needed, because it was so outdated. But now that that project is nearing completion, there’s always talks about what’s to come for the campus?

Many people have thought that the renovation of Lowell Thomas was next. The school already completed it’s restoration and renovation of the basement and first floor, but the second floor has yet to be touched. During the summer, it was thought that this project would get finished, but with the Music Building being constructed, it seemed like Lowell Thomas just went to the back burner.

Things were being moved as if the renovation was happening, but now as the semester goes on, there are rooms with missing components, like projectors, or desk views. Many rooms are missing ceiling tiles as a result of this as well. It’s a little confusing as to why they would start a project, then just halt it for the completion of another. It makes sense that after the music building is built, Lowell Thomas will be next on the list, but until then, it’s anyone’s guess.

For Greg Cannon, who knows what’s going on behind the scenes at Marist College, to tell me “this firm is not being considered by the school,” and “Marist is not going to be using this firm for the future building,” it’s safe to say I have every right to believe him. I’m sure that since it’s no longer on the web, that they were just preliminary pictures that they made for their own purposes.

Regardless of what firm Marist uses, it can be assumed that whatever building comes out of the planning will be as good a fit for this campus as any other building idea. The head honchos know what’s best for this school. It just might take longer for the general public to see what they have under their sleeves.


With one more week of school in the books, the arrival of Thanksgiving Break is getting closer and closer. But as we get ready for the week of Halloween and the start of November, let’s take a look at some of the things you may have missed this past week. From sports stories to a great musician’s death, to government news, this week has been a busy one for sure!

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The Walking Dead…Foxes?

Zombies are defined as a corpse said to be revived by witchcraft. However, if I were to say the word zombie, you’d all get an image in your brains right away, and for some, it may be different than the definition above. But why have zombies become so popular in today’s society?

We see it all the time; whether it’s a post-apocalyptic movie, or a television show that focuses on zombies, or

walkers as they call them in The Walking Dead. But how prepared are we, as a whole community at Marist College, for a zombie infested world? Where are the best places to go, what are some of the best weapons to use?

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